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Dude Ladies Boomer Tee Review


By Michele Ramon


I first spotted a boomer tee on Chris Finn at the RED WHITE AND BOOOM event in Dayton, OHIO.  This shirt was not your ordinary tee shirt my any means.  It has a high quality fabric, mixed with design functionality to be like no other tee out there!

My Scorecard:

Appearance 10

The ladies boomer tee has a lower neckline or a scoop neck.  It is a flattering fitted tee and shaped to show off your curves.  The cap sleeves is stylish and the split side appears to be for greater movement with the tee. It's a great feminine looking or sexy tee shirt!

Design 10+

What amazes me the most with the ladies boomer is the hidden Unique Dude boomerang shaped towel feature in the tee shirt.  It is a mini micro towel stitched under the tee shirt.  It's quite handy for cleaning or wiping off your discs, sunglasses and iphones or whatever needs a touch up.  This feature is good for any lifestyle on and off the course, your literally ready for any adventure life takes you. I just love the boomerang stitch!

Selection 10

There is four colors to choose for the ladies boomer tee:  Black, Grey, White, Aqua. Dude offers standard basic colors but also a different aqua color too. The Aqua is most beautiful color and fresh looking!

Construction 10

The ladies boomer is a wicking breathable fabric.  It's fabric is 85% polyester and 15% cotton.  It dries fast in fact faster than cotton and does not retain odors. It's fresh material to wear to keep clean and dry all day.


Price reflects the high quality of the product. It's worth it!

After seeing the functionality of the ladies boomer tee and the high fabric - I don't want to wear any other tee shirt other than a Dude Boomer tee! I will be rocking the boomer tee.




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