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Reversible Unstinkable Socks


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Possibly the world’s first – a sock that can be worn up to 14 times without washing!!

Proven and tested by the Polygiene scientist’s in London, Dude is now producing the best sport sock on the market – by combining a reversible sock with its unique anti stink qualities are a first.  

The ideal socks to play sport in any conditions, hot or cold, made from 78% cotton, 20% polyamide and 2% elastane, combined with Polygiene.  Make for a comfortable, sock, ribbed in all the right places to ensure they do not slide up nor down, the double layer function, rather by rubbing on each other,  helps prevent blisters forming either by hiking miles, or having purchased new shoes.

Imagine the water and cost savings by not having to wash out socks everyday.  A perfect travel companion.  Even when sharing the smallest of tents or accommodation, your stinky sock feet wont have to sleep outside.

Dude socks are available in two sizes. M-L (7 to 10), or L – XL (10 – 13), a stylish low ankle sock, just peeps above the shoe line of most athletic shoes, and can be worn grey marle side for sports days, or black for the evenings if necessary.

Dude Reversible UNSTINKABLES are packaged in a pack of 3 pairs of socks.  Give a pack to someone you love, or perhaps the work colleague you desk share who just may need them more than you.

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