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Bailey & Winthrop Caddy Jacket Publish 19th April2019-05-01T18:16:56+08:00


An image of Bailey Caddy JacketAn image of DUDE Bailey Caddy Jacket
An image of DUDE Winthrop Caddy JacketAn image of DUDE Winthrop Caddy Jacket

Hey Dude,

Given the high costs to produce quality clothing products, Dude is running a Pre-Production Pre-Order. The Pre-Orders will commence 1st May and available at the discount value through to May 31st for those willing to help make this production occur.  Similar to a Go Fund Me, your funds will be used to assist in the production run and all orders are to be delivered November 1st.

In recent times we have received messages just like these…..

“When will you be re-stocking the Tech Caddy Jacket”

“Can we get the Caddy Jacket in another color”

“The Tech Caddy Jacket isn’t really suited to the colder weather of the Northern States”

We have listened to your requests and we are delivering options.

You’d be crazy not to grab a new Winthrop Caddy Jacket (old Tech Caddy Jacket) or the new and toasty warm Bailey Caddy Jacket at these ridiculously reduced pre-order prices on 1st May.

Come June 1st you’ll be paying RRP!

FOMO is real!

A minimum number of Pre-orders must be met for each style for the production to occur. If Minimum numbers are not met on May 31st refunds will be provided June 1st to those who did pre-order.

Your help in spreading the message will mean we can make these high-end products and we welcome you sharing this email with your friends, community, disc golf clubs, retailers as many people as you can to help us continue to help you with outstanding products like this.

Dude is a small, but quality company that aims to bring you the best custom made Disc Golf Clothing products for years to come, but we need you to join us on this journey.

Chris Finn

Dude Clothing FOUNDER