An evolution in disc golf apparel from Down Under

The spirit of Dude Clothing Apparel is based entirely on our love for the frisbee. Time stands still with the vision of a disc in flight, offering a great sense of fun and freedom for all involved. The Dude range of frisbee clothing was created to empower the individual player and capture the imaginings of every player from beginner to professional. Every sport has its special line of clothing and now frisbee has too.

Dude’s line of clothing is designed specifically for Disc Golf and Ultimate Frisbee. Every design aspect provides maximum player benefit for world champions through to the complete beginner. Everything has been taken into account from the breathable high-quality fabric, the zippered back pockets for security, the side pockets for quick access to scorecards and the high cut collar for extra sun protection and much more.

Who is the Dude behind Dude?

Chris Finn, the dude behind Dude, has been playing disc sports since he was 11 years old and has played the world over in championships and tournaments. Together with a team of professional garment designers, he has developed a range of high quality and distinctive clothing that is especially suited to disc.

Along this design journey, the similarities between where iconic sports such as skating and surfing were about 30 years ago became apparent, sparking the idea to develop a clothing brand that could assist in the growth of disc sports through quality and stylish clothing and a brand committed to growing the sport.

The story of Dude is deeply rooted in Australia because Chris is an Aussie, but the brand is international, taking on the world.

When you wear Dude, you are closely identifying with one of the fastest growing sports in the world. You are wearing clothing that adapts to every action, every turn and every twist. In Australia, Dude means mate, friend and is used as a term of connection in a fun loving way. The same goes for Dude Clothing, connecting you to the game in a very special way.