Dude Ambassador Playing Team 2018

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An image of KJ Nybo a Dude Clothing Ambassador

KJ Nybo

PDGA RATING: 1033 (as of 15-Nov-2016)
BASED IN: Copenhagen, Denmark
GOALS: To improve my rating and have fun with the game.
PERSONAL PROVERB: It’s best when it’s worst.

An image of Kona Panis a Dude Clothing Ambassador

Kona Panis

PDGA RATING: 867 (as of 18-Oct-2016)
BASED IN: Rancho Cucamonga, California
GOALS: Place well in all my upcoming pro events.
ADVICE: Practice putt twice a day

An image of Matt Bell a Dude Clothing Ambassador

Matt Bell

BASED IN: Santa Cruz, CA
CAREER WINS: 17 tournament wins across 8 years in the PDGA
GOALS: I’d like to focus on playing well at the bigger events this year while making sure.
ADVICE: If you keep an open mind, and are willing to learn,

An Image of Dylan Horst a Dude Clothing Ambassador

Dylan Horst

Year Born: 1992
PDGA rating: 1001 Based In: West Chester, Pennsylvania,
Career Highlights: 21 top 5 finishes in 2017 alone
Career Wins: 31 B and C-tier tournament wins across 12 years in the PDGA
Goals: Gain confidence inside circle 1, Increase distance on backhand/forehand,
Advice: If you have confidence in your ability to perform,

An Image of Jackson Sullivan Dude Clothing Ambassador

Jackson Sullivan

Year Born: 1988
PDGA rating: 1012 (as of 13-Mar-2018)
Based In: Auckland, New Zealand
Career Highlights: 3 first place wins in 2017, including the Australian Disc Golf Championships
Career Wins: 5 tournament wins across 5 years in the PDGA
Goals: To grow the sport whenever possible and to push myself to become a better player.
Advice: Get in the field and practice as much as you can.

An Image of Zoe Andyke Dude Clothing Ambassador

Zoe Andyke

Year Born: 1983
PDGA rating: 929 (as of 12-Dec-2017)
Based In: Eugene, OR
Career Highlights: 4x Oregon State Champion (2012-2016)
Career Wins: 27 tournament wins across 9 years in the PDGA
Goals: Teach disc golf to 10,000+ children K-12th grade.
Advice: Pick one positive aspect of each shot you throw, as often as possible.

An Image of Tomas Rosenqvist Dude Clothing Ambassador


BASED IN: Gothenburg, Sweden
CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Gold in the Team Swedish championship 2015, 14th in the Japan Open 2014 in my first ever Major
GOALS: My goals is to become the best player.
ADVICE: Don’t forget to have fun!!

Melodie Bayley

PDGA RATING: 916 (as of 15-Nov-2016)
BASED IN: Spokane Valley, WA, United States
CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: 3X Washington State Champ, 2x Montana State Champ
GOALS: Short term to bring my rating over 940 for the year. Long term to win worlds one day.

An Image of Jordan Wheeler Dude Clothing Ambassador

Jordan Wheeler

Year Born: 1992
PDGA rating: 956
Based In: Perth, Western Australia,
Career Highlights: Getting to tour the US.
Career Wins: 3 tournament wins across 5 years in the PDGA
Goals: Steady improvement in my game.
Advice: Have a routine. Control before power.

An Image showing Alex Geisinger Ambassador, wearing Dude Clothing. Wearing a Dude Cap

Alex Geisinger

PDGA RATING: 1028 (as of 12-Dec-2017)
BASED IN: Rosemount, MN
CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: 2x US distance champion (2015,2017)
CAREER WINS: 8 A-tier tournaments wins (2013-2017)
GOALS: My goals for the 2018 season.
ADVICE: Always try to have fun on the course as this is a major mental game.

An Image of Dustin Keegan Dude Clothing Ambassador

Dustin Keegan

Year Born: 1986
PDGA rating: 1009
Based In: Eugene, OR
Career Highlights: Consistently ranks as one of the top 5 pro men in Oregon
Career Wins: 7 tournaments wins across 11 years in the PDGA
Goals: Personal disc golf goals: Be top 3 in all C & B-tiers this season.
Advice: Stay patient and trust the process.

Dude Community Ambassador Team 2018

An Image of Chris Finn, Dude Clothing Community Ambassador
How long have you played Disc Golf for?
I started playing Disc Golf and in fact a lot of other Frisbee Sports in circa 1987. Now this might make me sound old, but i was only 11 years old when i took up playing the sport and have been playing ever since.
What are you passionate about?
I’m passionate about many things, but first and foremost is helping people find happiness. Starting at home it’s about family and then friends and then supporting people I work with and employ.
What do you do to help grow the community?
I put my heart and soul into growing the sport of disc golf through Installation of Disc Golf Courses, running events around the world such as the Aussie Open and Community level events. I also support others’ efforts through event sponsorships and player sponsorships to help further the reach into the community at large.
An Image of Craig Nettleship Dude Clothing Community Ambassador
How long have you played Disc Golf for?
I picked up my first disc April 2012.
What are you passionate about?
I’m passionate about using disc golf to raise funds and awareness of philanthropic causes.
What do you do to help grow the community?
This year I and every year at a minimum I run 5 events all of which are charitable and bring people to disc golf that would otherwise not know about our sport.
An Image of Rick Saffeals Dude Clothing Community Ambassador
How long have you played Disc Golf for?
I first played disc golf with my family at Corban University during the summer going into 7th grade and got my first ace! I didn’t play again until my freshman year in college. I started playing non-sanctioned tournaments in 2012 and got my PDGA number in 2014.
What are you passionate about?
I have many passions: being a husband, dad, involved in ministry, being a teacher, a coach, music, disc golf and adventure of any kind.
What do you do to help grow the community?
Design and build courses, I was a disc golf coach for two years at a high school, I have run just over 60 events since 2012, and taught several disc golf clinics and numerous private lessons. My goal is to continue to share disc golf by helping others to run events, advise others in course design, and share disc golf with the next generation.