Dude Ambassador Playing Team 2020

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An image of KJ Nybo a Dude Clothing Ambassador

KJ Nybo

PDGA RATING: 1033 (as of 15-Nov-2016)
BASED IN: Copenhagen, Denmark
GOALS: To improve my rating and have fun with the game.
PERSONAL PROVERB: It’s best when it’s worst.

An Image of Dylan Horst a Dude Clothing Ambassador

Dylan Horst

Year Born: 1992
PDGA rating: 1001 Based In: West Chester, Pennsylvania,
Career Highlights: 21 top 5 finishes in 2017 alone
Career Wins: 31 B and C-tier tournament wins across 12 years in the PDGA
Goals: Gain confidence inside circle 1, Increase distance on backhand/forehand,
Advice: If you have confidence in your ability to perform,

An Image of Jackson Sullivan Dude Clothing Ambassador

Jackson Sullivan

Year Born: 1988
PDGA rating: 1012 (as of 13-Mar-2018)
Based In: Auckland, New Zealand
Career Highlights: 3 first place wins in 2017, including the Australian Disc Golf Championships
Career Wins: 5 tournament wins across 5 years in the PDGA
Goals: To