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RETAILER REQUEST TO RETAIL DUDE2018-06-29T13:56:40+08:00

Hey Dude,
Thanks so much for your interest in stocking the Dude Clothing brand, we are 90% way through developing a new system to allow our company to supply retailers throughout the US and Europe for bulk discounted orders.
Please follow this link below to register your company and details with us.
As this is a new system, currently we are asking retailers to create draft orders which are then approved to reserve stock. We will then send across final invoices including shipping costs.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and welcome feedback as we are always looking to improve.

CHARITY EVENT REQUESTS2018-06-29T14:01:29+08:00

Every request for Dude charity events and fundraising is seriously considered, we have a yearly budget set aside for these events. Dude is socially responsible and more to the point we care about our community. Please do contact us through the staff@dudeclothing.com email address. We try our best to get back to you immediately and as long as your open to a little give an take well do our best to support your efforts.

TOURNAMENT SUPPORT REQUESTS2018-06-29T14:11:30+08:00

Hey Dude, thanks for sending through the request for Dude Supporting your event.
We are currently still developing our events strategies as we are a small business. Just to let you know we receive all requests and everyone is added to our list.

If you don’t hear back from us, it is not because we don’t want to help, its just because we are a small team and sometimes cannot get to every request immediately.
Please feel free to check out our event sponsorship packages. This goes a long way to not only providing your event with unique products for players, but also helps support our team to support you, we like the back scratching where everyone wins and in the end we are running a small business so this is how we can best help each other.
Cheers Chris

SPONSORED PLAYER REQUESTS2019-01-07T16:07:07+08:00

Hey Dude, thanks for wanting to be a part of the Dude Tribe.

We are currently still working on developing the next phase of our Ambassadors which is solely based on the community. Please contact us via the contact page should you wish to become a Dude Ambassador. As we are a small business this can take us up to a year, but we will get back to you, hopefully, sooner rather than later. If you have something exciting you want help to support then make sure you tell us, we try to help where its needed most. Our Community focus means, do first and show us what your capable of, well see the spark and help ignite your passion.

Cheers in advance Chris

Any promotional codes available?2018-06-29T14:18:34+08:00

If you REALLY need some help to make your purchase reach out to us and maybe we can work out a way we can help each other out 😉 We are a small business but we always do our best to listen to our customers, maybe we can find ways to support each other.

Do you have brand ambassadors?2018-06-29T14:26:47+08:00

We do! Please write us a brief explanation why we should pick you as a DUDE AMBASSADOR and send everything on staff@dudeclothing.com

Does DUDE Clothing offer pro deals?2018-06-29T14:28:59+08:00

Yes! we have sponsored ambassadors! Please email us at Staff@dudeclothing.com with a very detailed reason why we should partner with you and why you would best represent out brand! Sometimes even if we cannot sponsor a pro, we can support you in your path to glory!

Does the warranty still apply if I dye my clothing or cut it down in size?2018-06-29T14:45:21+08:00

No – if you have changed our original manufactured product we can not warranty that item. It’s designed from the threads up remember? Every piece is needed for maximum flexibility performance and durability of our products, when you run chemicals through our quality fabric, you mess them up!

Do you guarantee against usps losing articles of clothing?2018-06-29T14:51:29+08:00

Sorry we can’t save the world and we are not responsible for the postal service losing your stuff. We help grow the sport by making you all look fantastic, their job is to deliver the goods, they get paid for it! But we always do our best to help you find your goods.

How do I get warranty in another country?2018-06-29T14:53:03+08:00

For warranty issues outside of the US please contact us via email at staff@dudeclothing.com and we’ll help you figure it out.

How long is the turnaround on warranty returns?2018-06-29T14:54:57+08:00

You have 30 days to let us know about manufacturing defects. If you feel your product is defective after this period please reach out to us and we will always do our best to help out.

What does your warranty cover?2018-06-29T14:59:03+08:00

Our warranty covers manufacturing defects. We unfortunately can’t cover the users actions – example your polo will not survive running through a shredder or the fire pits of mordor, but if its bad workmanship well send our factory on a mission to save the ring!

Can you send warranty replacement before I send in my defective products?2018-06-29T15:01:16+08:00

As long as you can help us understand and show the defective products we can get it sent out asap – especially in case of a tournament coming quickly. Please make sure to let us know if you have special circumstances. However – we always want our faulty products back so we may make sure we can maintain our highest level of quality. Send us as much photo evidence and information as possible

Returns & Exchange policy2018-06-29T15:07:44+08:00

If you are not totally delighted with your new Dude gear, easy returns for a refund or replacement.

Wrong size or color, you can return it for a free exchange (customer pays S&H). Returns must be initiated within 30 days of receipt.

To process a return please ship back to address on your packing slip or email staff@dudeclothing.com to get the correct address.

Items must be returned in the condition they were received – new, unused with all tags attached. A fair use policy applies; if we find someone returning too many items too often, we reserve the right to deny the return.

Returns do not apply to towels, stickers, koozies (stubby holders) and gift vouchers. Returns Manager

Kindly process your own return by looking upon your order below.

See Easy Returns for full details of Dude’s Returns Policy.

Where orders are coming from?2018-06-15T20:32:56+08:00

1200 Mendelssohn Ave N
Golden Valley, MN 55427
Tel: 763-593-7690

4/10 Dillington Pass
Landsdale 6065
Western Australia
Tel +(61)09 9303 2415

Who delivers our order?2018-06-29T15:09:34+08:00

In the United States Orders are being fulfilled by United States Postal Service (USPS)

How long is delivery time?2018-06-29T15:14:08+08:00

Delivery in the United States, it should take 3-5 business days. For International delivery times please watch your tracking but can be anywhere from 6-10 days from pickup of goods to your International door.

Where is my tracking number?2018-06-29T15:16:07+08:00

Your tracking number will be sent via email once orders are ready to be ship out. Please remember to check out your junk mail, sometimes the digital mail man gets it wrong and our emails are getting lonely hanging out with all your SPAM Burgers!

Do you ship internationally?2018-06-29T15:18:07+08:00

Yes! you can select your international option at checkout anywhere in the world. Please reach out to us if you have any issues calculating shipping at time of checkout staff@dudeclothing.com. Even if you are on the station in the outback, well get our Dude awesomeness to you.

I didn’t receive a confirmation email of my online order. What do I do?2018-06-29T15:19:37+08:00

First, check your spam! If it’s still not there you may have accidentally entered your email wrong on your user account. Contact us at any time! staff@dudeclothing.com. We will chase down your order details and have them sent to you.

What lengths do the pants come in?2018-06-29T15:21:36+08:00

We would love to be able to offer tall and short leg lengths, however, we are a small company which can offer a regular leg length and still give you a selection of 4 colours. In doing so, you may shorten the style easily,  you would need to remove the reflective inside leg feature but they’ll still look awesome. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can suggest to add length, other than wearing them very low around your waste 🙂

What is the difference between 4 way stretch pants and regular pants?2018-06-29T15:22:56+08:00

Try them on, they’re different in every way – the feel the movement and the comfor . We dare you to try them -you will never go back, Dude Dacs are the best because we took the time to develop our own fabric that acts like a bungee chord and a wetsuit, but looks like a ducati 🙂

What is the best way to wash my DUDE clothes?2018-06-29T15:30:12+08:00

ALWAYS make sure to follow the directions on the label! We have gone to a lot of effort to ensure you know exactly how to wash each technical garment. Some of our fabrics are very unique and you need to take care of them properly so they can last a very long time.

Your sock fabric is awesome, did you harm any sheep?2018-06-29T15:32:28+08:00

Our socks are a cotton blend, we are not currently using wool in any of our products.

What is the difference between the color of the socks?2018-06-15T20:42:30+08:00

Our socks are reversible and have different colors so you can make sure you can always have the clean side showing 😉

What sizes do you recommend?2018-06-29T15:35:07+08:00

We have created a sizing guide for you to make sure you can get the exact fit! You know the old saying “Measure twice and cut once”! But everybody has a  different body shape, so our cuts might not suit everyone in the same size they are used to wearing. Best for you to try on the clothes to know what fits well for you.

Do you manufacture your own fabrics2018-06-29T15:36:59+08:00

YES, this is why Dude offers such a high quality and unique selection of garments. Designed for the true lover of quality fit and function. our team takes great pride in having created fabrics that really do have the disc golf motion and players in mind. If you have not tried them, then you dont know the difference

What makes DUDE clothing perfect for me?2018-06-29T15:39:05+08:00

DUDE clothing is designed and created with very specific uses. Not to say it can’t be used anywhere in the world outside the Disc Golf course – but we mill our fabrics with movement in mind. So Just like you NEED to perform on the Disc Golf course at your highest ability, we wanted to create clothing than also performs to its highest ability and it starts at the core of our fabrics.

Do you do factory tours?2018-06-29T15:40:12+08:00

At this point in time unfortunately our facilities are closed for tours. Our factories are WRAP compliance – we regularly visit our factories, where we have developed great working relationships and friendships with small families like yours and ours. A disc golf brand who is wrap compliant, we are the only one.

Where is DUDE Clothing made?2018-06-29T15:41:50+08:00

Our clothes are Designed in Perth, Western Australia. We meticulously create our clothing line from the threads up. You’ll notice our own unique weaves and combinations that aren’t seen anywhere else in the world.
Our range is Deisgned in Perth, WA and made using high tech textiles, developed by Dude or sourced from Korean mills, which use environmentally friendly dyes and save millions of litres of water in the processes. Dude chooses only WRAP compliant factories in Jiangmen, China.

Are men’s and women’s sizing different? Are men’s wider?2018-06-29T15:43:31+08:00

Men’s and Women’s clothes are designed separately and fit differently. Please check our sizing charts to find your best fit!