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RETAILER REQUEST TO RETAIL DUDE2018-06-29T13:56:40+08:00

Hey Dude,
Thanks so much for your interest in stocking the Dude Clothing brand, we are 90% way through developing a new system to allow our company to supply retailers throughout the US and Europe for bulk discounted orders.
Please follow this link below to register your company and details with us.
As this is a new system, currently we are asking retailers to create draft orders which are then approved to reserve stock. We will then send across final invoices including shipping costs.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and welcome feedback as we are always looking to improve.

CHARITY EVENT REQUESTS2018-06-29T14:01:29+08:00

Every request for Dude charity events and fundraising is seriously considered, we have a yearly budget set aside for these events. Dude is socially responsible and more to the point we care about our community. Please do contact us through the staff@dudeclothing.com email address. We try our best to get back to you immediately and as long as your open to a little give an take well do our best to support your efforts.

TOURNAMENT SUPPORT REQUESTS2018-06-29T14:11:30+08:00

Hey Dude, thanks for sending through the request for Dude Supporting your event.
We are currently still developing our events strategies as we are a small business. Just to let you know we receive all requests and everyone is added to our list.

If you don’t hear back from us, it is not because we don’t want to help, its just because we are a small team and sometimes cannot get to every request immediately.
Please feel free to check out our event sponsorship packages. This goes a long way to not only providing your event with unique products for players, but also helps support our team to support you, we like the back scratching where everyone wins and in the end we are running a small business so this is how we can best help each other.
Cheers Chris

SPONSORED PLAYER REQUESTS2019-01-07T16:07:07+08:00