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You spoke and we listened!

We then went away and digested what you had to say and as a result, we have some great news for all our DUDE supporters.

So after a lifetime of playing Disc Sports and a couple of years now manufacturing clothing for disc golfers, we felt there was a better way of delivering products to you, our customers, so we have gone back to the drawing board and together with the team behind DUDE exciting changes are happening.

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“I received my jacket as a gift, and it is absolutely fantastic! Comfortable, waterproof, and the disc pockets are sweet! It has quickly replaced all my other jackets!” – Jad Leach (Caddy Jacket)

“Bought my husband 2 shirts for our 2 year wedding anniversary. He loves them! Excellent quality and fit!” – Aretta Javins (Mens Pro Polo)


“Think of every hoodie own and what you like about each one. That is what I think about with the tech hoodie. It feels great, very warm, looks awesome and is very functional. What more could you want?” – Steve Snook (Mens Hoodie)

Dude Tech Caddy Shorts
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Dude Mens Tech Hoodie
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Dude Dacs Mens
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“Purchased a pair of Dude Dacs pants. Once I received them and tried them on, they felt awesome. Nice and stretchy that don’t bind no matter what stance you have to put yourself in. The water also just runs right off them and doesn’t soak into the pant. Great job DUDE!” – Daniel Perez (Mens Dacs)

When you wear Dude, you are wearing clothing that adapts to every action,
every turn and twist. Dude means mate or friend and is used as a
term of connection in a fun loving way. The same goes for
Dude Clothing, connecting you to the game in a special way.