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We have listened to feedback from disc golfers– we hear you love Dude and what we stand for, but we also hear you want lower prices – so, we’ve reduced them, to make it easier for you to get into Dude.

We are keen for disc golfers to have the choice of quality gear, designed especially for their game, with large pockets, stretch fabrics, high collars for added sun protection and a range of other innovations that will make Dude the most sought after apparel for disc golf.
What will stay the same though is the Dude high quality, attention to detail, and dedication to bringing the best gear possible to the game. We believe disc golfers deserve nothing less.

When you wear Dude, you are wearing clothing that adapts to every action, every turn and twist. Dude means mate or friend and is used as a term of connection in a fun loving way. The same goes for Dude Clothing, connecting you to the game in a special way.
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