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Dude Clothing Dylan Horst Ambassador

Dylan Horst isn’t just an avid disc golfer, he’s an outdoor enthusiast who competes in a variety of athletic events. Playing over 25 tournaments each year, he’s racked up an impressive number of wins within the sport of disc golf alone. Joining Latitude 64 in 2018, Horst continues to tour the mid-Atlantic region and consistently places in the top 5. We expect to see more great improvement in his game this year and beyond! Make sure you check out the links at the bottom of the page to make sure you follow the development of this DUDE ambassador.

Year Born: 1992

PDGA rating: 1001

Based In: West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Career Highlights: 21 top 5 finishes in 2017 alone

Career Wins: 31 B and C-tier tournament wins across 12 years in the PDGA

Favorite Disc: Westside Discs Harp

In The Bag:

  • Medium Burst Daggers
  • BT Medium Harp
  • Tournament Harp
  • Medium Swan 2
  • Gold Line Fuse
  • Retro Anchor
  • Gold Line Compass
  • Fuzion Diemax Justice
  • Opto Line Culverin
  • Overmold Zion
  • Tournament Ahti
  • VIP Ahti
  • BioFusion Defender
  • Fuzion Defender
  • Opto Line Gladiator
  • Opto Line Ballista Pro

Gain confidence inside circle 1, Increase distance on backhand/forehand and calm mindset during good rounds and bad.

If you have confidence in your ability to perform, you will be confident when you play in the clutch. Keep the same mindset and emotion in all situations during a round and emotion will never be something that will hold you back.

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Dude Clothing Playing Cards Clubs 2 Don WilchekDon Wilchek joined the disc golf competition in the late 70’s and early 80’s. He is known for his thumber roller and became the most consistent and “winningest” player of the sport. He became a board member, co-tournament director, and course designer in the 2002 Huston PDGA Worlds. He humbly represented disc golf in a friendly, positive way and inspired new players to become avid disc golfers.

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