Every request for Dude charity events and fundraising is seriously considered, we have a yearly budget set aside for these events. Dude is socially responsible and more to the point we care about our community. Please do contact us through the staff@dudeclothing.com email address. We try our best to get back to you immediately and as long as your open to a little give an take well do our best to support your efforts.


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Dude Clothing Playing Cards Clubs 2 Don WilchekDon Wilchek joined the disc golf competition in the late 70’s and early 80’s. He is known for his thumber roller and became the most consistent and “winningest” player of the sport. He became a board member, co-tournament director, and course designer in the 2002 Huston PDGA Worlds. He humbly represented disc golf in a friendly, positive way and inspired new players to become avid disc golfers.

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