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The 2018 DUDE Ambassador Season Wrap-Up

It’s still hard to believe that this year is nearly over, and between countless events and impressive wins, the DUDE Ambassador team made us proud! Let’s do a quick review and see how everyone’s season looked:

KJ NyboAn image of KJ Nybo a Dude Clothing Ambassador

The Danish champion returned in 2018 as KJ was able to secure his 12th victory in his home country. Not only did he place exceptionally well in a variety of European events, but Nybo made the trip to the US to throw his hat in the ring at some of the more well-known tournaments. KJ now sits at 120 career wins and is looking forward to the 2019 season.

Kona Panis

If you thought you saw Kona Panis in more than one place at once this year, you practically did as she toured the nation with an unstoppable presence. Competing in 25 events this season, she captured 18 top ten finishes and worked hard to improve various aspects of her game. Awesome job Kona!

Matt Bell

“My season was fantastic! I’ve played 28 sanctioned events this year with 6 more wins under my belt. I won the Doubles World Title with Lisa Fajkus, as well as made it to Canada and Niagra Falls for the first time. I’d recommend seeing it from the Canadian side. I’m looking forward to getting stronger mentally and physically throughout the off-season, and getting some snowboarding and/or surfing in.”

Dylan HorstAn Image of Dylan Horst a Dude Clothing Ambassador

“2018 – It was like a roller coaster you were really excited about riding and the beginning did not disappoint. Right when it got to the good part – it didn’t seem like it was as fulfilling as the start. The highlight of my 2018 had to be starting off the season at GBO and playing some good golf which could’ve been something really special.

My personal goal for the season was to build confidence on the putting green, which was met at the start of the season. The end of the season, my putting took a hit as other aspects of life had to take priority. My plans for the off-season include gaining more confidence and getting in shape. I was plagued with injuries as the year went on and I realized how important conditioning was.

2019 – Who knows what is in store. Guess we will have to see!”

Jackson Sullivan

This year will be one that Jackson will always remember as several local wins propelled him into his US travels. His season is still going strong as it’s nice and warm south of the equator, and he most recently spent some time helping to install a new course in his area. We look forward to seeing him on the road come 2019!

Zoe AndykeAn Image of Zoe Andyke Dude Clothing Ambassador

Zoe had an amazing year and noted that it was her best yet. “I achieved my highest rating at 937 and had my best finishes at Worlds and US Women’s to date.” Not only did she win the Most Spirited in the Game award but she also walked away from 2018 as the World Putting Champion!

Her off-season plans include: “Planning, fundraising, community outreach, and teaching for our non-profit UPlayDG. I’m also Tournament Directing the first Pro Tour event to come to Oregon, the Portland Open.”

Tomas Rosenqvist

An ongoing injury kept Tomas sidelined for most of the year, but he was able to compete in one event this year. We wish him well and hope to see him on the course in 2019!

Melodie Bailey

Melodie has also had her share of setbacks with a finger issue that has been keeping her from competing as much as she’d like. After surgery this year, she was able to compete in seven events and earned herself either first or second place in six of them! We’re excited to see her back out on the course and crushing it soon.

Jordan WheelerAn Image of Jordan Wheeler Dude Clothing Ambassador

This year was pretty transformative for Jordan as he learned a lot about himself and the sport we all love. “I set goals for improving putting, increasing distance, having fun, and finishing my website dgproreview. I met my goals of increased distance, having fun, and finishing my website, but I’m still not satisfied on the putting green.

My off-season will be spent back in Australia where I will work and save up some money and play a lot of disc golf. 2019 tour is looking bigger and better than 2018. I plan on being back in the US by March and playing some bigger events.”

Alex Geisinger

This season saw Alex competing in eight events and placing within the top five spots for six of them! In the middle of 2018, he took some time away from disc golf and has spent time with his family. We’re eagerly anticipating seeing him crush it on the course next year!

Dustin Keegan

“2018 was all about becoming a Dynamic Discs player/ambassador, learning new discs, and exposing the disc golf world to how amazing DD is to be a part of. I toned down my tour to 21 events and performed really well overall. I got my rating back up to the teens and got 4 sanctioned wins as well as a handful of top finishes at the big national events.

2019 will be pretty heavily loaded with all kinds of powerful moves! We will be TDing a Pro Tour event (Portland Open), playing 20-25 events (most of the National Tour events, 70% of Pro Tour), teaching and growing disc golf across the entire world!”

Congratulations to all of the disc golfers who met their personal goals for this year. We’re excited to see what 2019 has in store and wish all of our Ambassadors a restful off-season.

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