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Read any article or watch any video where a top touring professional is asked what their favorite courses are, and you’ll be sure to hear Milo McIver somewhere in the mix. An impressive course full of natural beauty and challenging holes, this 27 hole layout is the pride and joy of Pacific Northwest residents.

While the course is actually named Riverbend DGC, it’s found at the Milo McIver State Park in Estacada, Oregon and is affectionately called “Milo” by most. Each year players from around the world look forward to competing at the Beaver State Fling in June, so let’s go through a preview of this epic piece of property!

Milo McIver Course Map courtesy of Oregon Disc GolfMap Courtesy of Oregon Disc Golf

A Legend In Its Own Right

Established in 1996, Milo has transformed over the years to become the amazing course that many now know it to be. However, not everyone is aware of the variety of layouts available, and out of towners are often quite confused when showing up to play a round.

Typically referred to as a 27 hole course, locals play this layout using only their personal knowledge of tees and pin positions. If you show up to Milo and expect to see 27 tee signs, you won’t. Instead, the course is actually split into two sections – an East course and a West course. During the Beaver State Fling, each side boasts 18 holes that total well over 10,000 feet. Other times of the year, you can expect to play an 18 hole East course and a 9 hole West layout.

Be sure to have some cash in your wallet, as there is a $5 entry fee to play. Although pay to play courses are controversial in their own right, locals are proud to say that most of this money goes right back into the course.

Oregon Live - It's time for a clean up along Clackamas RiverPhoto: Oregon Live

Notable Mentions

There are many things that make Milo a destination for disc golfers around the world, and its picturesque setting is only one piece of the puzzle. As you play, you’ll see the Clackamas River in all her glory, and if you hang out long enough after BSF, you just might see quite a few pros tubing down its rapids.

Massive trees line the fairways, providing obstacles to get around and cover from the unruly Oregon weather. Concrete tee pads are well-maintained and you’d be hard-pressed to find a fairway that wasn’t recently mowed. Several holes take you up steep hills and present players with tightly wooded shots, including the well-known Genius hole that Paul McBeth is so fond of eagle-ing.

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Make The Trip

Registration for BSF always sells out quickly, so even if you aren’t able to make it to Milo for this prestigious event, it’s worth the trip anyway to play before or after the tournament. Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the fantastic campsites, as a trip to Milo can easily become an entire weekend affair.

Have you played Milo McIver before? Would you say it rates as one of your top courses of all time, or are there other layouts across the nation that you think offer more? Let us know in the comments below!

And for your enjoyment here’s a #discgolf video of last years Beaver State Fling!