Dude Clothing Inside the Game 2019 Is Bringing Some Changes For DUDE Ambassador KJ Nybo

Imagine having to balance full-time work, parenting, and keeping your disc golf game sharp enough that you can travel across the world and lay down amazing performances at some of the sport’s biggest events. Sounds like a lot, right? What we’ve just described is the life of KJ Nybo, our DUDE Ambassador who hails from Denmark. When KJ’s not on the course, he’s working in Copenhagen to provide for his family and grow the sport that we all love so well.

As the 2019 season is quickly approaching, we thought it was fitting to chat with KJ about his upcoming year. From travel plans to a big change in store, we’re about to fill you in on everything that’s to come for this player.

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Choosing Wisely

When you’re an internationally traveling disc golf player, selecting the tournaments you attend is slightly more complicated. In years past, KJ has planned his tour according to specific criteria – at one point he was trying to improve upon his world ranking and only played the events which would help him to do so, along with some of the usual must attend tournaments.

Sometimes he’ll register for events that show the promise of coming home with a decently sized paycheck, but in 2019, he has a different approach.

“This year I’m focusing on the Masters division and what’s smartest for me to play some tournaments and get some wins,”

Nybo shared. That’s right! KJ turned 40 this year and is now strategizing to take home more first place finishes than ever before in this new division.

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Part of his plan has to do with the caliber of players who continue to dominate the Open scene, explaining,

“I think the level of disc golf is growing and there are so many new upcoming players. In just the previous few years it’s been tougher to get in the top 10 at tournaments –  maybe that’s just the future, you really have to earn your spot in top 10.”

Growing The Sport At Home

While he did recapture his title as Danish Champion this year, KJ is not thrilled with his 2018 season, and although he’s looking forward to playing a handful of US events this year, he also has another focus. Last year he formed a disc golf club at his home course Eghjorten, which is about 40 minutes north of Copenhagen. Their group now numbers into the 50s and together they are working to make this course one of the best in the area.

Having just received funds from the city, Nybo and his club are installing astroturf teepads – something that’s a bit of an anomaly in Denmark. He’s also planning on running more local clinics and has some other ideas in the works that will help to spread disc golf within his local community.

Perhaps the most pressing item on his list is to prepare for The Memorial, one of his first events each year. As Denmark continues to be muddy and freezing during that time of year, KJ enjoys escaping to Arizona and getting some sun on his face. Will we see him in the Masters division there in 2019? We’ll just have to wait to find out!