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Spoiler alert: Paul McBeth won the 2017 Masters Cup. If you’ve paid any attention to the first or second rounds of this weekend’s tournament, that news probably doesn’t come as a surprise. Once McBeast mode was activated, there was no stopping him, as he averaged 1077-rated golf between the three rounds.

Ending the tournament with a total of 34 down, the pressure to win was taken off of Paul after his astounding performance day one. What became clear as the tournament moved forward was that the real excitement was around who would claim second and third place positions.

It’s Like Moving Day All Over Again

Saturday saw some hot rounds and a good amount of movement on the scoreboard, and it set in place an expectation that anything could happen on Sunday. With so many players within a stroke or two from the top positions, even the slightest error on the golf course could mean someone else moves ahead.

There were moments where it seemed like the number two spot could be anyone’s game, with pars, birdies, and the occasional bogey being thrown into the mix. About halfway through the final round, there were more than a dozen players within two strokes of second place. Then, as the day got hotter and the backups got longer, some people started to slip.

The Back Nine Changed It All

Once the round started to wind down, it became pretty clear who was going to come out ahead. The lead card saw Ricky Wysocki skyrocket to second place with eight birdies and only one par on the back nine. This ended up securing his position behind Paul with a total of -24 for the tournament.

Members of the gallery who kept up to date on live scoring found that Washington’s Kyle Crabtree was sneaking up the ranks, and after shooting an impressive 8 down on his final round, he barely ousted the rest of the field who had a chance at third.

There was visible frustration today as Jeremy Koling’s round didn’t quite go how he had planned. Although he only carded one bogey throughout the 18 holes, his pars were limited as he had a hard time off the tee. Koling ended up shooting five down and took home 4th place.

Many were cheering on Christopher Watson, who catapulted himself to the lead card on day two after shooting a 1056-rated round on Friday. The Masters Cup was only his second tournament of the year, and so far he’s averaging well over 1000 for the 2017 season. However, after his final round was said and done, -3 wasn’t enough to push him to the top. He and Austin Turner shared 7th place.

Trading Places

Just like we’ve seen in previous years, Paul and Ricky seem to go back and forth trading victories with each other. Who will take charge at one of the year’s most picturesque events, the Beaver State Fling? With challenging holes and the opportunity for them to show off their skills, it’s sure to be an exciting event.

Written by Courtney Elder

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