Dude Clothing How to Disc Golf Where to start

In the growing sport of Disc Golf, there are always different ways to start within the sport. The idea can be daunting because there are so many discs to choose from and can cause confusion when you have no idea what you are doing. But, there are some good options to start with.

One Disc

You do not have to start off buying a thousand discs and trying to be like the pros, often the exact opposite is better. I would say buying a classic beach frisbee disc and getting used to throwing the disc is better for you. It is a higher weight, but it will teach you the basics of throwing a disc. Once you feel confident with the beach disc I would get a baseline plastic putter disc. These are often the best discs to play a round with and are forgiving on your form to start off with. What putter you get is up to you, It may not necessarily matter, I would suggest a putter that has a more straight flying flight path so you can get used to just throwing the disc.

Starter Packs

There seems to be increasingly more starter packs coming from each of the different companies. A starter pack is a pack of three discs that often have a putter, mid-range, and a fairway driver in a baseline plastic. These are great because the discs are lighter and are slower speeds. Slower speed discs are great for beginners because they will help your form and will not kill you if thrown incorrectly. These are useful as a stepping stone to get a feel for what discs feel like and how they fly. They often are base plastic which is nice because the base plastic is cheap and will last a lifetime.

Dude Clothing How to Disc Golf Where to start

Types of Discs

Within the sport there are four types of discs. There are putters, Mid-range (Approach), Fairway drivers, and Distance drivers. Just like in ball golf all these different types of discs have a unique characteristic. The discs are meant for certain shots and just like in ball golf you will need a driver for distance, a putter for closer shots. I would recommend having at least one of each of these discs in your bag as you begin to build up playing more.  Having one of each will prepare you for a slew of shots.

Plastic Types

As you are now throwing more discs and getting a feel for how you want discs to fly, you will want to buy premium plastic discs. These plastics will hold their base flight pattern for longer and the feel of the disc is better in my opinion. They have a grippier feel and are of a higher quality. Now, you do not have to buy premium plastic discs, most players really enjoy baseline plastic and do not deviate from that plastic. But, I would give the premium plastic a shot once you have an understanding of what discs you like and how to throw a bit better.

Dude Clothing How to Disc Golf Where to start

Building a bag

The last thing that you need to focus on once you have gone through these practices is building a bag. There are a lot of varying opinions on the matter and how many discs you truly need in a bag. I think the number of discs you need is not as many as some would suggest. I say for the four disc types listed above you need three of each. An understable, straight, and overstable disc in each slot. You may want a specific putter for putting and not drives so you would need 13. Then, you need a utility disc, something for rollers or tomahawk throws making it 14. That is the bare minimum number of discs and I think for someone wanting to narrow their choices, that is the best amount of discs to have. Having too many discs is often confusing and will cause you to think too much on the discs and not on your game when playing.

So, with these tips in mind, good luck on your ventures in the sport of Disc Golf and do not be afraid to ask for help. We are all here to help you succeed and perform to the best of your ability!