Dude Clothing - Benefits of the game - Sense of Community

Looking at Disc Golf from the outside in, some may think that since it is not a huge sport like football or soccer it lacks a sense of community. However, the community within Disc Golf is unlike any other sport and I have been a football player for over 12 years even to the point of playing on a college scholarship.

Welcome Newcomers

The thing about Disc golf is that it has always been a sport that you wouldn’t know about unless you happened to find someone who already played it. The people I have talked to have always known someone who played, and they found out about the sport from someone else and so on and so forth. The community is always welcoming to the newcomer because the sport needs to grow and the more people the better.

Disc Golf does not discriminate, at least from the countless people I have talked to and groups I am a part of. No matter your race, creed, sexual orientation, age, gender, it does not matter. If you are down to have fun and play the game and be respectful to others, the community will take you in. Which is hard to find in other communities, but Disc Golf takes anyone and everyone.

Dude Clothing - Benefits of the game - Sense of Community
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Online Disc Golf Community

You may be picking up the sport and not have many friends who play or who cannot play as often as you’d like, well, there are tons of Facebook groups nearby. The benefit of the sport is that no matter where you are, there is a group for your area who has a slew of players who want to play all the time or meet up to play. As previously said, these players will not care what level you are, as long as you are a player who respects the players and the game itself.

Within those larger groups of local players, there are clubs for specific regions. A club is a community within a community for a county, region, city, etc. Clubs are often the groups that people hear about first and run a lot of local events in your area. Clubs take care of courses, run doubles events, putting league, and many other events. These groups always need members and the more you put into the club the more you get out of it. These are also a great way to help out the local community as a whole and grow your area more than just the sport.

In all cases, there are communities out there no matter where you are. They are accepting and willing to help you out when you are struggling. You can post online about what disc would be better or talk about your local courses and see how different people throw different shots. The only tricky part is that you need to be the one to find it, or, just play the sport and find yourself getting to know people through the game, that works too. Whether you go online or play a thousand rounds, there is a Disc Golf community out there for you.