Tips on how to prepare for your 2020 event

If you’re an old hat at disc golf, you probably know the drill when it comes to gear you’ll need. But, if you’re new at this, not having the gear you need for disc golfing tournaments and recreation can feel taxing. If you are stressing, take a minute to calm down and just know you’re in the right hands. Old people—yeah, we see you—how about sprucing up the old tackle box?

We know that getting new gear can be expensive. Hey, we’ve been there. But nothing on this list is overly expensive or complicated. We know the tools you’ll need to feel like you’re on top of your game on the course. And you’ll feel prepared on those days you’re rushing out the door.

Tournament Director Tools

If you’re planning a day out with the friends, you’re all set, but if you want to head out on your own at the first disc golf tournament you designed, don’t forget to take these items:

  • Scorecards and pencils: Now, you might feel right at home with that dry-erase board crammed into an already loaded pocket, but let’s take this old school. You can put your scorecard on a clipboard and tote it around with you easily. And on those rainy days? Take a zipper bag to keep the cards dry.
  • Use the ScorePointe system: ScorePointe offers a product that makes scoring your game easy and efficient. Simply fold open and closed, and each section has room for five players on each team.
  • Udisc: Newest to the digital world is Udisc. Not only does it allow you to keep a scoreboard in your pocket, but it offers features to keep you connected to the disc golfing world.
    • Discover New Courses: With over 8000 courses uploaded its programming, Udisc lets you know where to find the nearest courses (even offline!) and tracks the distances between baskets. You can go through the courses by ranking and add courses to your wish list.
    • Keep Score: Not only is this app a digital scoreboard, it also averages your scores per hole and lets you share them!
    • Udisc Live: Keen on watching the professionals but have to sort through multiple apps to find the scores? Udisc offers a live option that gives you the scoop right now! It also shows tournament times and their averages as they play.
  • First Aid Kit, Air Horn, Flags, and Other Miscellaneous Items: I often find myself cut by a blunt object and in desperate need of some first aid. Even if you’re more graceful than I, still consider picking one up, just in case. Air horns and flags show you are organized and guide your players to the next hole. Anything extra? You might want to keep sharpies and towels to dry your discs.

Dude Clothing Here to Help Tips on how to prepare for your 2019 event

Running an event is an involved process, so thankfully the PDGA has put together an extensive tournament director checklist. Anything you might forget is listed here for your convenience.

What You Need as A Player

Let’s face it: more often or not you’re going to forget something as you head out the door in a rush. Here are just a few items you might need that you can grab—prepared—on the go:

  • Birdie Bags, Stool, Cart, Umbrellas, and Ponchos: A birdie bag, stool, cart, or an umbrella with a poncho are welcome additions. Living anywhere means that you’re bound to run into some flash weather, so you’d better be prepared.
  • Pencils, Paper, and Towels: Just like the miscellaneous items listed for hosting an event, you’ll probably need pencils, paper, and a few towels to keep your discs dry.
  • DUDE Gear: For those chilly but dry days, use the DUDE Tech Hoodie, available for both men and women. DUDE Clothing also provides under-armor and hats.
  • Socks and a Change of Clothes: Man’s greatest gift to mankind, socks, is the staple of any player. Having a change of clothes is also handy. Often, breaks are long enough to give you time to get drier and more comfortable for the next round.

Dude Clothing Here to Help Tips on how to prepare for your 2019 event

  • Water Bottle: An insulated water bottle has the dual function of both keeping your drink either hot or cold for variations in weather.
  • Snacks: If you don’t have a healthy obsession with snacks, what are you doing in life. Taking some additional food can be fun, but don’t try something new in a tournament. We don’t want you puking in the grass.
  • Checklists: A few days before you head to an event, make a checklist of everything you have in your bag, that way you know what’s inside and you can head out of the door quickly. Disc backups and maybe a cricket ball to get your discs out of trees are smart to bring with you also.

While we’ve covered the basics, there are so many other things you can bring to a disc golf tournament or simply to a recreation event! Whether you’re a player or a TD, what items do you find to be essential? Let us know in the comments below!