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Across the world, events are run all throughout the year. Now, there are many tiers and many reasons to run an event. Events could promote a product, gain PDGA rankings, promote a company, or something else. Below are a couple reasons why events are run and how Disc Golf fits into these molds perfectly.


Fundraising is a broad topic and could mean a lot of things. Disc Golf captures all these meanings. People run events in their local area to send a player to a PDGA event or tournament. These often have a small prize for the winner but are used more so to help the local pro or amateur go to a big event. These are helpful because travels cost a ton of money and with the support of the community it can lessen the blow of all those costs. Another form of why people fundraise is to raise money for charities or for a good cause. A big example of this is the Throw Pink where they sell discs and merchandise as well as throw events for breast cancer awareness. This for obvious reasons is a good cause and fundraising for a topic like breast cancer is a great way to spread awareness. Read more about fundraising and frisbees.

Dude Clothing Here to Help Why Do we run events Throw Pink


Just like fundraising, promotion covers a wide net of events. But, promotional events are good and often help a ton of people. The first example of promotion is promoting a new disc or brand. Often companies run events to promote a series of discs, like the trilogy challenge, to highlight a new disc or two for the year. As well as promoting themselves in the process. Running these types of events are fun and are selling points for those companies. Promotion can also be used for promoting a new course. Courses are put up throughout the year and once one is up, the makers want people to play it. These are rare because of the length of time a course takes to build and how often they get put up. But, they are out there and are used to showcase a new playable course.


Teaching is more than likely the most helpful event for the new players or players wanting to take the game of Disc Golf more seriously. Teaching events are used to get top level players or local pros to come out and teach certain techniques like forehands or to provide basic tips in the sport. Often times these run into fundraising as well because of the player providing tips to make money to cover costs. But, that is not the case all the time. These events also provide a spotlight to show how a top level player performs and showcase high talent in front an audience of players who may not be as skilled but who aim to be that high.

Dude Clothing Here to Help Why Do we run events Teaching

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Why Disc Golf?

Disc Golf is a sport that is on the cusp of becoming something big. There is still a grassroots nature within the sport, but it has started to hit mainstream media a bit. With this popularity growth, it is bringing players to the sport which is a good reason to bring out more events. It causes more companies to make more discs or merchandise. It makes people build new courses where they weren’t previously there. The growth of the sport and the new feeling of the sport will cause events to sprout up all over the world.  Whether you are new or a veteran, events are a necessity within the sport and will help you grow your talents.