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You’ve practiced for years and have taken home the win at some prestigious local events, and now the time is right for you to go on tour as a professional disc golfer! After you put in your notice at your job and can taste the freedom of the open road, you realize that you need to perform well at each event to actually make some money!

Instead of panicking and putting a ton of pressure on yourself, let’s discuss some of the other ways that a pro can make some cash while on tour. Although these solutions may not be applicable to everyone, they’ll at least give you a good idea of what you can expect in the future.

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Regular Paychecks

Ok, there’s nothing “regular” about making money through disc golf, but some players are in a position to earn significant amounts of money on a predictable basis. Top names in the sport who are aligned with well-known sponsors either receive a stipend or in some cases an actual salary for being a part of the team.

When you win an event, not only will you get the prize money, but often times these sponsors will throw in an additional bonus as well. If you’re headed on tour for the first time and hope to have regular amounts of money you can count on, seeking out a sponsorship is an ideal way to go.

Counting On Products

You may notice that a ton of touring pros has sponsors that aren’t related to disc golf at all. From beverages and snacks to clothing and accessories, you don’t have to look too hard to find players who represent certain companies. In many cases, as an effort to create some free advertising, brands will send cases of product to the sponsored player. While this isn’t exactly cold hard cash, you could end up in a position of never having to buy disc golf shoes again depending on who you align with!

Fundraising is also a huge part of what a pro can expect on tour, and while it’s often one of the more unpredictable sources of cash, it can be incredibly lucrative. Take for example a player who designs their own unique stamp and orders up a set of discs with this design on them. Most likely they are getting them at some sort of bulk discount and can sell each disc for $10 more than what they paid for them.

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If you show up at a clinic or host an event while on the road and bring your box of discs with you, there’s a chance you can make hundreds of dollars in one afternoon. When it comes to fundraising, the sky’s the limit, so expand your ideas to hats, shirts, and more! Funny enough, making money in disc golf isn’t limited to plastic only.

We’d love to know your creative ideas for how to make money on tour, and if you’re willing, share with us in the comments your stories about how much you made during last season. The more information that’s out there the better, and you just might inspire someone to quit their day job and hit the road!