Dude Tour - 2016 USA Tour - PART 5

Dude Clothing goes on tour in 2016, crossing the country in this 9 part series we get an insight into the daily tour life of this business on wheels. The Dude Disc Golf World tour 2016 series was commissioned by Chris Finn, CEO of DUDE Clothing. The season’s elements and plot structure is largely based on the touring life itself of a disc golfer and an Australian disc golf business getting off the ground in the United States. This is the driving part of the season, 2 weeks of driving from the West Coast to the Midwest, with a little side trip to Maple Hill.


Being on the road throughout the tour Season of 2016 had its moments and like all journeys, it was so worth the ups and downs.  From traveling through the night to make your next destination, to repairs on the move.  The people you meet remain a highlight and the joys of watching the success of the players at the tournament all add up to a very positive experience.

Here’s part 5 of our journey in the US in 2016….enjoy……

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