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Dude Clothing Dude Tour Jordan Wheeler

Embarking on a disc golf tour, even if it’s a small one, can be a huge undertaking. The planning, the practicing, the preparation – it’s all required if you want to make something of yourself while on the road. Now throw into the mix having to travel halfway across the world, and that’s what Dude Ambassador Jordan Wheeler is up against. He’s no stranger to US events, as he’s been traveling overseas for years, but with each season that goes by, his goals are set higher and higher.

As the weather in Perth begins to cool down, Jordan is getting his final plans in place for his tour this year. His rating only continues to go up, positioning him to make some major moves this year. We took some time to chat with him and find out what 2019 has in store and what fans can expect from this seasoned player.

Then And Now

This isn’t the first time that Wheeler has had big plans for his US play, as we spoke with him last year to learn about where he was at with his game. At the time, he wanted to improve upon a variety of elements within his skill set, including increasing his distance and building upon his close game. While he can throw farther now than ever before, Jordan still isn’t happy near the basket, “When it comes to my game, I’m pretty satisfied with everything except for putting. If I can improve my putting this year I will be a much more satisfied disc golfer,” he said.

Dude Clothing Dude Tour Jordan Wheeler

With a total of 18 sanctioned events under his belt last year, it’s safe to say that Jordan was a busy guy. His stops around the United States mainly focused on the Midwest, but this year he’s looking to include more variety into the mix. “My rough direction this year is the Corn Belt and then the East Coast, so that will hopefully include Ledgstone, Pro Worlds, and Maple Hill just to name a few. I’ll be deciding what’s appropriate as it comes,” Wheeler explained.

Dude Clothing Dude Tour Jordan Wheeler
Jordan stopped off in New Zealand for The Altitude Brewing 20th Paradise Plates South Island Championships en route to the US.
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New Tools And A Fresh Outlook

The events he’s planning on attending aren’t the only big differences during 2019, as Wheeler has teamed up with RPM Discs as well. He’s excited about throwing their molds and is hopeful that through his travels he can help to get more people in the US throwing this brand. Overall, there’s a lot going on this season, and Jordan is ready: “I’m excited for this year, I’m more prepared this year than any before,” he said. “I’ll be leaving my van behind this year and traveling in an RV with my friend Garrett Glass.”

Beyond just performing well and getting to see more of the US, he’s keeping his ultimate goal the same as it’s been in past years – to enjoy his traveling and have fun! Keep your eye out for this young gun as he competes in some of the sport’s biggest tournaments this year – we wish you luck on the road and hope the 2019 season is amazing!

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