Dude Clothing Boost a parks value with Disc Golf

The task of installing a disc golf course is a big one, and more often than not, you’ll need to get permission from city or county authorities before you can even think about laying your first tee pad. While many individuals are certainly successful during this negotiation process, others fail to see that a disc golf course does so much more than just provide a place to play with your friends.

This lack of vision is often why the effort to install a course is stonewalled, yet if these benefits were explained to those in charge, we’d bet that a lot more courses would find their way into parks across the world. Let’s take a look at how you can boost a park’s value with disc golf.

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Safety And Security

City parks sometimes get a bad rap for being places where teenagers congregate and engage in less than favorable activities, and sometimes adults end up sleeping there when they have nowhere else to go. Now, we’re not claiming that disc golf will solve all of these issues, but what it does do is offer more foot traffic to the park itself.

This leads to a few outcomes, one where park officials come out more often to check on the park and its associated course. Security is naturally increased by these frequent visits. The same effect can be achieved by the sheer number of people who will be visiting the land regularly to throw a round of golf.

More Than Just The Course

From a city official’s perspective, a park that has multiple recreational activities is naturally more appealing when it comes to attracting visitors or new businesses to the area. Land that draws people from all corners of the town to it is seen as a resource, especially if it includes a pay to play disc golf course.

Think back to the last tournament you visited that wasn’t in your hometown. Did you spend money on food while there? How about gas or lodging? Because you were there for disc golf, you had to spend your money locally, and in turn, played a part in boosting that town’s economy.

We’ve seen it before with small towns across America, where the implementation of a disc golf course was like a breath of fresh air to the area as a whole. Perhaps they chose a park that didn’t get much use but had a ton of potential, and installed an 18 hole course that was the only one around for many miles. All of a sudden, you have people driving from hours away to play, bringing their friends and family on a mini disc golf vacation.

In general, bringing a disc golf course to your local park is great because you and your friends get to play that much more often. But when you step back and analyze how the park’s value will be boosted, as well as the town in general, it makes a lot of sense for every city to have their own course. Perhaps you can be the one to make that happen in your community!