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Dude Clothing Disc Golf Community College and Disc Golf go hand in hand

More often than not, we are introduced to the sport of disc golf from a friend, family member, or co-worker. Perhaps you discover the sport together with someone you know, while others venture out on their own to see what disc golfing is all about. Not quite as often do you hear about people who get into the game during college, although it happens more regularly than many might realize?

Today we’re going to take a peek into the world of collegiate disc golf and how the disc golf community thrives in these educational settings.

NCDGC History

Dating back to 2007, athletes from across the nation pour their heart and soul into their respective teams, and spend an immense amount of time practicing for each event they play in. Despite what it may seem like, registering a collegiate team isn’t difficult at all – simply fill out a form and make sure you meet a few specific requirements. All members must be current students and you absolutely cannot be considered a touring pro while being a member of a collegiate team.

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A series of qualifying events to take place throughout the course of the year, with the best of the best coming together to compete in the National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships in North Augusta, South Carolina. There, they host a plethora of courses at the Hippodrome Sports Complex and both teams and individuals are crowned as winners after the event.

Fierce Competition

Just like any other major sport, the national collegiate teams often engage in strong rivalries, as certain schools place a high importance on beating out others. While a handful of rounds take place over several days, the tension is still palpable in the air. Several schools often end up leading the pack when it comes to the competition, including Oregon State, Mississippi State, and Liberty University.

While the four years that many players spend on their respective teams embeds the love of disc golf in their hearts for the rest of their lives, most players don’t actually move on to become touring players. Instead, they focus on their studies and end up utilizing their degrees after college.

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College Or Golf?

Knowing that college disc golf is an option to compete at some of the highest levels possible, it makes you think about the various trajectories that a person can take when it comes to career and competition. We’ve seen a handful of top players head straight for the tour instead of spending four years at a university, while others attempt to do both, which is quite a tall order to fill.

And yet the option of collegiate disc golf is still there, allowing young adults to secure a stable future for themselves while still being able to play disc golf regularly. If nothing else, the time spent on a collegiate team will sharpen your skills, give you something to fight for, and can provide some of the closest friendships imaginable. If you’re attending college and are interested in starting up your own team, check out the information here.

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