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Think back to the first sport you played during your childhood. For some of you, it may not be a distant memory, while for others it could feel like a lifetime ago. No matter what sport it was that first stole your heart, we’d bet that there was at least some sort of criteria that limited who could play. Perhaps it was a men’s only team, or you had to do a lot of running and needed to be in top physical condition.

Whatever the case may be, more sports than not aren’t as all-inclusive as disc golf. Without question, anyone from any walk of life can enjoy the game, as we’re about to explore in this blog!

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Physical Fitness

Exercise and sports, in general, can pose a challenge for individuals who are in less than ideal physical shape. Even if you once were fit but now aren’t as active as you used to be, the idea of engaging in traditional sports can be exhausting. Take one look at any sport on television and you’ll see hours of constant activity and buckets of sweat.

Disc golf is nearly the exact opposite, and while it offers a low impact way to get outside and exercise, it has also been attributed to massive amounts of weight loss simply due to the amount of walking necessary to play a round.

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Community Engagement

People from all corners of the world can enjoy disc golf, and no matter your religion, occupation, socioeconomic status, or political affiliation, you can find a deeply-rooted community right in your hometown. Talk with any disc golfer who has been playing locally and they’ll be the first to share that the friendships and community you find when disc golfing are second to none.

This isn’t exclusive to adults either, as many children find a love for the sport from a young age. Usually introduced to disc golf by their parents, kids who play learn a variety of important lessons, including good sportsmanship and how to contribute to the betterment of a group.

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Manners Matter

Sure, there’s always a few bad apples in every bunch, but by and large, disc golfers are some of the nicest people you’ll meet. Often described as individuals who would give you the shirt off their back if you asked, the network of disc golfers around the world extends to help out those in need. Not only do the children who play see this important concept firsthand, but it’s enough of an incentive to warm anyone’s heart and make them want to become involved.

Ultimately, the spirit of disc golf can be hard to capture in words unless you’ve experienced it for yourself, but one thing is clear – it is an activity that has no limits. People with any physical ability, any age, gender, and location around the world are all able to play disc golf with a fairly low barrier to entry.

We’d love to hear from you about the most unique disc golf experience you’ve had where it was clear that everyone was truly welcome. Share your heartwarming story in the comments below!