Dude Clothing How to Disc Golf Organize your Disc golf bag

Whether you’re touring around the country or you’re a casual player who enjoys a local tournament every now and again, there’s one element that you need to have in tip-top shape: your disc golf bag. Carts, backpack bags, or older single strap bags all serve their purpose depending on your particular needs, but regardless of the style you like there are essential items you’ll need for success.

Storing Your Discs

Having an organized bag isn’t just important for being clean, tidy, and ready to select which disc you’ll throw at any given time, but it can truly help you to learn exactly how your discs fly. Most people utilize a left to right method and keep their fairway drivers, distance drivers, and midranges in order.

Within each grouping of molds, organizing your plastic from most beat in to newest or vice versa helps you to know specifically which disc to grab as you step up to your shot. Any player who feels less than confident knowing their bag inside and out can benefit from this system as it forces them to learn how each one flies.

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Miscellaneous Items

A casual round may not require much, but no-brainer items like a water bottle, some snacks, and a towel to dry any wet discs will go a long way toward making your round much more enjoyable. Colder and wetter months might require bringing extra socks, additional layers of clothing, and even a dry pair of shoes if you’re planning on staying out for multiple rounds.

Dude Clothing How to Disc Golf Organize your Disc golf bag

Tournament level play means adding even more items to your bag just in case. Obviously, you’ll need a mini marker in order to comply with tournament rules, and carrying the most current year’s rulebook just in case is always smart in the event that you need to reference it during your round.

A Method To The Madness

Beyond just the items you bring with you and the order you keep your plastic in, perhaps the best way to organize your bag is to know where things are as you customize it to meet your own needs. Some people use their putter pocket as it’s intended – for putters – but others like to keep this area accessible for their keys, phone, or scorecard and will instead put their putters in the main storage area.

While disc golf bags are designed with specific elements in mind, making your bag your own is really the bottom line. Whether you want to keep it packed full of discs or like to have some wiggle room and storage for an extra sweatshirt instead, it’s ultimately up to you.

We want to hear from you, whether you’re a recreational player or a professional competitor. How do you organize your bag and the items in it? Is it important to designate what order your discs go in, or do you just haphazardly put them away with no real plan? Let us know in the comments below how you like to keep your bag functional.