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Dude Silver Jacket

When the history of the Disc Golf Pro Tour is written in decades to come, the Dude Silver Trophy Jacket is sure to feature. This year’s inaugural winners, Paul McBeth and Catrina Allen could well be still smiling too.

 Paul McBeth and Catrina Allen - proud winners of the Dude silver jacket

It’s no mean feat to win a Pro Tour Championship. You are up against the best in the world, and then, if you are the best in the world, everyone’s out to knock you off your pedestal. So hats off to McBeth and Allen for a wonderful display of disc golf to reach the finals and to walk away with the historic wins.

The Dude Pro Tour silver winners jacket is inspired by the US Masters Golfing green jacket, presented to the winner of arguably the most prestigious and well known of golf games, held in April each year at the Augusta National Golf Club. One of the first ever jackets presented to the 1934 winner Horton Smith was auctioned in 2013 and fetched over $ 682,000. Will McBeth and Allen’s jacket be equally valued in 60 years’ time, when disc golf is played in every country in the world, featuring in Olympics, world champions are earning millions and tournaments feature in prime time news.

The US Masters green jacket is actually the club members jacket and the winner receives a jacket as a way of welcoming him into the club for the year of his win. Dudes silver jacket also welcomes Paul and Catrina into a very prestigious inner circle as winners of the inaugural 2016 Disc Golf Pro Tour. Dude means mate or friend and the Dude brand seeks to embrace all players as a collective family in this great sport of disc golf.

Dude is the official apparel supplier to the Disc Golf Pro Tour, so it was an easy and obvious decision to create a silver jacket modeled on Dudes signature piece, the Tech Caddy Jacket.  Designed with unique and fastidious attention to detail to support a disc golfer in wet and cold conditions.  The large side pockets, which hold up to 6 discs, can be stowed and kept completely dry.

It is hoped that the silver jacket will be as sought after as the Master’s green jacket in years to come when the history of the game is written.

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