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“We have listened to feedback from disc golfers– we heard you love Dude and what we stand for, but we also heard you want lower prices – so, we’ve reduced them to make it easier for you to get into Dude.”

(These prices not available with other discount codes)

For much of 2016, Chief Dude, Chris Finn has been on the road with his family in the huge 40’ Dude Van. He’s attended over 2 dozen major disc golf tournaments, traveling nearly 26,000 miles through 30 states and talked to thousands of disc golfers. All with the support of the Dude team back in Australia.

Whilst it is a great chance to sell Dude gear, and he has sold a heap, it’s also a listening tour, listening to feedback from thousands of interested fans who have visited the Dude tent to talk to Chris. Two themes came through consistently; “we love the Dude gear and what you are doing for the game of disc golf. We love the style quality and design of the Dude gear”. But “your prices are too high. We’d love to buy but can’t afford to”.

We are keen for disc golfers to have the choice of quality gear, designed especially for their game, with large pockets, stretch fabrics, high collars for added sun protection and a range of other innovations that will make Dude the most sought after apparel for disc golf.

So, we are reducing our prices to guarantee more people can access Dude. What will stay the same though is the Dude high quality, attention to detail, and dedication to bringing the best gear possible to the game? We believe disc golfers deserve nothing less.



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