We all wish we could play even as half as good as he can, yet what’s even stronger than Simon’s physical disc golf game is his mental one. Coming back after an 8-month hiatus due to knee surgery, he plans to dominate in 2017. We sat down with him to talk a bit about his game plan this year and what he loves most about Dude.

Accolades All Around

Although the 2017 season is well underway, Simon had some pretty big wins to highlight from 2016. He experienced not one, but two, three-way playoffs in which he came out victorious. The Nick Hyde Memorial was “one of the first times I was in a three-way playoff and it took me one hole to beat those guys,” Lizotte said.

He followed that performance several weeks later at Konopiste, where the playoff found him against fellow Dude ambassador KJ Nybo and Paul McBeth. This time “it took me two holes to seal the deal” he said with a smile.

2017 hasn’t been so shabby either, as Simon quickly reclaimed his place near the top of the pack with back to back second place finishes at The Memorial Championship and then in Texas at The Nick Hyde Memorial.

What’s on his radar for this year? He’s most excited for Worlds, where his dad will be making the trip to Atlanta to be his caddy and offer support. “The last time he was at a tournament was [in the] Czech Republic last year. He caddied for me and I won the tournament. So I think we’re a great team; he makes me feel at home [and] I’m really comfortable playing in front of him,” Lizotte shared.

Taking The Dude Approach

Simon really seems to resonate with the Dude attitude, as he has steadily demonstrated a relaxed and calm demeanor on the course. “The older I get the less I care about who I play with; I’m doing my own thing,” he said diplomatically.

This mental approach is what makes him such a great fit for the Dude team. Simon notes that first and foremost he really loved the company’s name, then quickly grew to love the products. His favorite Dude item? The Disc Dacs. “I remember the first time I put them on – they make such a big difference. I’ve never worn anything like it. They look good and they feel even better,” he said. He has some pretty cool ideas for the future of Dude, commenting that he’d love to see a disc golf shoe, belts, more hoodies, or even a casual style shoe.

As a Dude ambassador, Simon also keeps in mind the importance of connecting with the disc golf community. He sees the value in the traveling events Dude is focusing on, and remembers what it was like when he first started playing back home: “In Germany, there is no disc golf community. We were like ten hippies running around in the park throwing at trees. That’s how it started.”

Keeping A Winning Attitude

When you see Simon he’s nothing but smiles these days, as he’s recovered from his physical therapy rehab in Switzerland. There, he learned a lot about nutrition and how he can become a better athlete. As a seasoned touring pro, he feels comfortable with the challenges that tour life can throw at you, and laughed calling himself a “road warrior.”

We are so excited to see Lizotte back on the course and wish him luck for the remainder of the 2017 season!