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A lot of disc golfers are incredibly intense during a tournament, not only when playing, but also of the course to maintain their “gameday” mindset. Discmania’s Eagle McMahon is a notable exception to the rule, always trying to make people laugh or chatting it up with everyone during his downtime. We recently spoke with Eagle to hear about his plans for the 2017 season, as well as get his advice on touring and thoughts about Dude.

He’s Only Going To Get Better

Eagle had a great year in 2016, placing within the top ten for all but two of the 30 events he played. He demonstrated an exceptional level of consistency and his hard work truly paid off. He excitedly shared with us that his wins at Disc Dash For Cash as well as the Piney Woods Open were major highlights for him, and of course, his 4th place finish at USDGC was a great way to wrap up his tour.

During this offseason, Eagle is really focusing on staying in shape, eating healthy, and continuing to throw to maintain his impressive form and skill. When asked what he’s most looking forward to in 2017, he answered: USDGC, because….revenge.” There’s no doubt about it – we are going to see some epic golf during that event.

He’s really looking forward to playing rounds particularly with Ricky Wysocki or Paul McBeth, noting that it means he’s probably on the top card. “It really elevates my game to the highest level possible,” says McMahon.

Why He’s With Dude

It’s no question that Dude’s quality of clothing is exceptional, but for Eagle, being a Dude Ambassador means that he’s putting himself in the public eye and associating his name with a company he believes in. The clothing “allows me to get the maximum potential out of every shot on the course,” Eagle says, which is why he’s such a proponent of Dude’s products. In fact, his Disc Dacs lasted him an entire year and they still look brand new!

In 2017, Eagle is really excited to see what Dude has to offer in their hat collection. McMahon’s favorite colour is blue, and he’s really looking forward to being able to wear more blue Dude clothing this year.

Words Of Wisdom For Pros and Ams Alike

Eagle is no stranger to touring life, and for anyone embarking on their first tour this year, he recommends keeping your focus on the game. Any distractions in your personal life will mess with your ability to be successful on the course, and Eagle warns that it “will make it tough to play at a high level.”

If you aren’t quite at the pro level yet but want to be involved in growing the sport, do what you can to put yourself out there. From volunteering at events, running a clinic, or designing your club’s new logo, even the smallest task can help your disc golf community.

We are really looking forward to watching Eagle’s success during his 2017 season. We are so honored to have him representing the Dude brand and thank him for being such a great ambassador! 


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