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Ready To Take Europe By Storm – Getting To Know Tomas Rosenqvist

The cold winter months in Sweden can make you want to curl up by a fire and not move for a while, but Tomas Rosenqvist’s dedication to disc golf stands up to snow with no problem. A Prodiscus player who’s been with Dude from the beginning, Tomas shared with us about his goals for next year and what it takes to be successful on the course.

A Year In Review And Plans For 2017

Tomas went on tour for the first time in 2016, charting 26 tournaments under his belt. By far his favorite event was playing with Paul McBeth in the first round of Beaver State Fling, as well as earning a 4th place spot at the Estonian Open. He even got to spend a little downtime with the future TDs of 2018 Worlds at Smuggler’s Notch.

Stemming from his 2015 experience at both the European Open and Konopiste, Rosenqvist is eager to get back to those events and show them what he’s got. He shares: “I’m really excited to get a chance to redeem myself and defeat the courses.” Practice time will be sacred, however, as Tomas will be taking on a job as an engineer and moving disc golf to the side.

However, he is still extremely dedicated and takes advantage of his offseason time by changing up his workout routine and using an indoor basket for putting. He makes a valid point about winter training in Europe, explaining that it’s “hard to get the putting in snow and cold to be the same as during the season.”

How He Feels About Dude

“Being an Ambassador for Dude means a lot to me,” Tomas shares. He’s been one of Dude’s original supporters and his ties to the company began after meeting Chris Finn in 2012. He notes the company as having the most professional disc golf gear on the market and says it’s pretty difficult to compare Dude’s clothing to others out there, as it’s so much better in quality and comfort.

Like other Ambassador’s we’ve talked to, Tomas is a big fan of the Disc Dacs, and also loves the Pro Shorts. His Dude clothing has been used and abused, and after two years still looks nearly brand new. Rosenqvist would love to see a warmer jacket in 2017 so that he can still represent Dude in Sweden’s frigid climate.

A Positive Attitude Is Key For Tomas

Keeping your expectations in check and having fun on the course is crucial to the sport. During his tour last year, Tomas shared this anecdote: “If you don’t start off good it’s easy to get down in a hole where the enjoyment of just playing disc golf can easily be hidden.” He appreciates playing with people who keep the mood fun and light, like Ray Johnson and Janne Hirsimäki. Both of them keep the card in an upbeat place even if the scores are high.

Keep a lookout for Tomas during the 2017 year, where he plans to dominate the European events. We thank him for his dedication to helping grow the sport and for embodying the Dude spirit!

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