DUDE clothing - How To Introduce Disc Golf To The #1 Woman In Your Life - Your Mom

Whether you’re a man or woman, married or single, you can’t argue that the most important person in your life isn’t your mom. After all, her love for you started well before you were even born and will last her entire lifetime. For those of you fortunate enough to have a great relationship with your mom, you might be struggling with how to get her involved in something that’s one of your top priorities – disc golf.

Maybe your mom thinks it’s a sport only for younger individuals or she’s afraid that it will be too strenuous. There are about as many reasons that mom could be hesitant as there are mothers out there, so let’s review a few easy ways to share your love of the sport with her.

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No Pressure, Mom

Remember when your co-worker tried to get you involved in his latest obsession last year and you really weren’t that into it? Your mom might feel the same way, so it’s important that you don’t come on too strong when talking about disc golf. Rather than making her watch hours of Jomez coverage, try bringing it up in casual conversation. “I’d love to take you with me sometime” is an easy, no-pressure option.

If mom seems a little bit interested, don’t go overboard with the details. There’s a good chance that she won’t care who Paul McBeth is, and if you start using words like “crush” or “mash” she may be less inclined to come to the course.

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It’s For Everyone

We all know that one of the best things about disc golf is that anyone can do it, but maybe your mom doesn’t know that. If she watches you mashing drives and carrying a heavy bag, perhaps she thinks she has to do the same? Before you even step up to hole 1, take some time explaining to her that disc golf allows her to play HER game. If she only wants to use a few discs and throw them standing still, more power to her!

Some players have found success by comparing disc golf to the other activities that she’s already involved in like playing tennis or walking with friends. Rather than framing the sport as disc golf, why not try calling it a modified hike or simply throwing frisbees in the park? Both of these phrases are completely accurate and the shift in terminology might be all it takes to get mom on the course.

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Encouragement Matters

Unless you’re a naturally talented athlete, disc golf may not have come easily to you right off the bat, and it may be difficult for mom too. Be sure to encourage her after each shot in a genuine way and tell her about the other women you know who play disc golf. She might even find real inspiration from learning about the Women’s Global Events or ladies leagues in your town.

Above all else, don’t be upset if mom is hesitant to jump out on the course with you. Like anything new, it can take some time to warm up to the sport, so remember that even if she doesn’t become as obsessed as you, she still loves you!