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Despite our own love of disc golf, we have to remember that this sport we’re obsessed with isn’t as popular as we think. Most of the time when we mention disc golfing to someone who hasn’t played before, they kind of scratch their head and seem a little unsure about what we’re talking about.

Growing the sport is typically a strong passion of anyone who loves disc golf, but how exactly do you spread the word within your own community when there seems to be such limited information out there? Let’s explore a number of ways that you can help to promote the sport.

Here To Help -How To Promote Disc Golf Within Your Local Community - All About The Internet

All About The Internet

Things certainly have changed when it comes to disc golf promotion, as word of mouth and flyers around town used to be commonplace. Now with Facebook, Instagram, and a whole host of social media tools, you can get information out to your area in a matter of seconds.

Whether you’re hosting a tournament, need help during a work party, or want to schedule a clinic to introduce the sport to newer players, you can easily get the message across on the web. Try making posts that are in Facebook groups specific to your own community or see if you can connect with a local disc golf club and share information on their page.

Here To Help -How To Promote Disc Golf Within Your Local Community - Don’t Discount Tradition

Don’t Discount Tradition

What some might view as more traditional forms of media, like community newspapers or local radio shows, can be a huge benefit when trying to promote your event to others. In many cases, placing a small ad in your paper can be pretty affordable, and most towns have AM radio shows that would be happy to have you on as a guest.

Keep in mind, the more target audiences you try to hit the better, so it’s important to use all of these tools simultaneously to your advantage. Facebook might get your message out to younger potential players while a radio and could reach older generations who are interested in learning a new activity.

Here To Help -How To Promote Disc Golf Within Your Local Community - No Pressure

No Pressure

You might find that you have to slowly warm your community up to the idea of disc golf, especially if there isn’t a course in town and if people generally have no clue what the sport is all about. Rather than trying to get individuals registered for a tournament, it might pay off to promote a relaxed and instructional type of event instead.

Try teaming up with the schools in your area to create a disc golf day or partner with summer camps or churches to bring the sport into the limelight. A “come out and try it” approach that’s geared toward families will certainly send the right message as far as the community and all-inclusive atmosphere that we know disc golf can create.

We’d love to hear from you! What methods of promotion have garnered the most success in your community? Tell us about the event you put on and how you got the word out in the comments below!