More Than Meets The Eye – Getting To Know Melodie Bailey

Aside from the fact that she can crush a disc with nearly no effort at all, there are quite a few things that make Melodie Bailey unique. Hailing from the wet mountains of eastern Washington, she knows a thing or two about disc golfing in waterproof Dude gear. We caught up with Melodie to find out her thoughts on tour life and how she keeps her game on point all year round.

2016 vs 2017 – what’s different?

Last year held a series of highlights and challenges for Melodie. She reflected on her two A-tier wins at both Fort Steilacoom and the Rocky Mountain Disc Golf Championship, noting that she “pulled out some pretty good scores.” Although she had some stiff competition, she was able to come out victorious despite an injury that had been plaguing her.

“One thing I’m most excited for this year is I’ve changed a lot of my game due to an injury of my middle finger on my throwing hand,” she states. Now that she’s integrated a four finger power grip into her game, Melodie plans on being able to consistently drive over 400’. She’s also added an extra step to her run up, promising that it will really change the way she plays in 2017.

She’s looking forward to taking this season by storm, and is preparing by not really taking much of a break from the sport. Despite the heavy snow in winter, she says “I’ll still be playing tournaments in December and start right back up in February.” This gives her an advantage by not having to get back into tournament mode once the season kicks off.

Focusing on her mental game during times of extreme weather, Melodie thinks about aspects that she can improve upon, and can even be found walking around her house holding a disc just to keep that muscle memory alive.

How Dude Changes Perceptions

Bailey takes the responsibility of being a Dude ambassador very seriously, and touches on the fact that she loves representing a brand of clothing that she truly believes in. Even when she’s not out on the course, people come up to her and ask about her Dude hoodie, wanting to know where they can get one. “It gives me an opportunity to explain to them about my sponsor,” she says, as well as allowing her to spread the word about disc golf in general.

While it’s safe to say she’s fallen in love with the waterproof hoodie, Melodie is hoping that this year will bring some waterproof pants to Dude’s lineup: “I’ve used [the] jackets more times than I can count this year and I’ve been the driest one on the course every time. To complete that I would like a nice fitting pair of rain pants that are still breathable and just as easy to move [in] as the jacket.”

Tour Life and Real Life

Bailey is no stranger to tour life, and feels that the hardest part is being away from friends and family. Not only does the road take its toll physically, but sometimes the mental aspect is just as hard. Sometimes it’s tough to always be social and around others, so it’s essential that she takes time for herself during the journey.

If Melodie wasn’t touring and playing professionally, what do you think she might be doing? Before going pro, she was involved in MMA fighting, and might have taken it up more seriously if it wasn’t for an injury. Did you know she also has a masters in archaeology and history? “I still find it very interesting, it’s on the backburner right now,” she said.

Dude is cheering Melodie on and looking forward to a great 2017 season. We can’t wait to see what this year has in store for her, and we are proud of the way she represents our brand!