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It’s a face you don’t see all too often in the US – a flash of blond hair and a big smile belonging to the one and only KJ Nybo. When he does get the chance to compete in the States, spectators are always in for a show, as the 1035 rated player provides fierce competition for those in top positions. Dude recently talked with KJ to discover what his plans for 2017 look like and how he balances touring with a day job.

Quality Over Quantity

When people talk about the life of a touring disc golf player as being a grind, they usually envision having to deal with the logistics of traveling across the country and making sure they perform well along the way. Now imagine having to travel across the globe while also trying to run a successful landscaping business! You’d feel a lot more pressure to win, right?

Surprisingly, KJ handles this task with a poised and grateful attitude. Though he only played 10 events in 2016 and even less in previous years, he makes sure those performances count. As it turns out, disc golf season is also the landscaping season in Denmark, so trying to meet the requirements of both tasks can be difficult.

Yet in 2017, Nybo’s touring season will be far less stressful due to the release of his Tour Series Signature Swirled Teebirds. He’ll be making appearances at Ledgestone Open as well as Konopiste and the European Open, and hopes to put out solid performances. One thing, in particular, he’s excited about this year? “Getting in the spotlight playing lead card is always fun,” he said.

Nice Guys Finish First

One of the things people comment on when they meet KJ is just how nice he is. His professional and kind attitude on and off the course is what makes him such a perfect fit as a Dude ambassador, and he too appreciates the similarities in mindset. “I think it makes me more ‘gentleman-ish’,” Nybo said when asked about his Dude representation.

Like most other top players, he’s a huge fan of the Disc Dacs and the fit and comfort they provide. He’s looking forward to more hat designs like the Aussie Open cap and also hopes for some Dude rain pants in the future.

His mental attitude is another thing we admire; KJ is meticulous about planning and is known for taking detailed notes on each hole days leading up to an event. This year he aims to “set the bar [high] and make a game plan. Preparation is my key to success.”

Disc Golf And Beyond

One of Nybo’s goals for this year is to finish near the top of the world rankings, as well as be more active in course design and installation back home. He notes that there are many ways to get involved with disc golf in Denmark, and stresses how important it is to get involved with your local club no matter where you live.

We are thrilled to have KJ on the Dude team and appreciate all he does as an ambassador. If you’re going to be at the Ledgestone Open this year, keep your eye out for him and say hello!

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