Dude Clothing Straight Talk When It Comes To Running Events, Are You A Fence-Sitter?

The disc golf community is a tightly knit one, and no matter what part of the world you live in, you probably see the same handful of people taking charge to run tournaments and organize events. While it might seem that these individuals have their processes clearly defined and don’t need any help, that assumption couldn’t be farther from the truth.

In reality, running a Disc Golf event is a huge undertaking, and most of the time the people in leadership positions are also trying to balance a full-time job and family responsibilities in addition to making a difference in their disc golf community.

Do you tend to be a fence-sitter during the events that take place in your area? You don’t quite volunteer wholeheartedly but you don’t make much of a difference either. Here’s how a shift in perspective can benefit you and disc golf as a whole.

Dude Clothing Straight Talk When It Comes To Running Events, Are You A Fence-Sitter?

An Involved Process

The first time you run a local tournament you might think your head will explode with the list of things to do. From keeping track of registration to making sure the course is up to par on event day, any help from others is always appreciated. Tournament directors often find themselves staying up late assembling players packs and racking their brains to make sure any last minute issues can be handled with ease.

Not only does your first TDing experience bring up a lot of pressure, but imagine the weight on the shoulders of those who run events year after year. Organizing the 18th annual event at your local course certainly has a lot of expectation around it and it’s even more vital for those in charge to make sure every element is considered.

Where Do You Come In?

Instead of taking a hands-off approach and simply assuming that your participation in the event is enough, consider the impact you could have by offering your skills to the effort. Are you great a graphic design? Why not help design the stamp for the tournament discs or work with others to produce an incredible caddy book? Individuals with backgrounds in fundraising can help to lift this huge weight off the shoulders of others, allowing for the tournament to be well-funded and supported by local businesses in the area.

Dude Clothing Straight Talk When It Comes To Running Events, Are You A Fence-Sitter?
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Tournaments aren’t the only events that could use your support as a local player, as club work parties, fundraising opportunities, and even the day to day management of your local shop that carries discs can all benefit from the help of others. You don’t have to treat it like another full-time job, but if you do excel in certain areas, make yourself available for the betterment of your disc golf community as a whole.

Ultimately the payoff is huge, because you’re not just helping out those who have a lot on their plates. Your efforts essentially place a deposit in the karmic disc golf bank, showing others that the sport is one filled with community members who are always looking to give a helping hand. You might even learn a new skill set or make new friends through your efforts. This summer it’s time to get off the fence and get involved!

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