DUDE clothing - Tech on Tour Dri-Fit Shirt

When you take disc golf seriously, it’s not just your game that matters. Sure, practice and dedication go a long way, as well as a trusted set of discs at your side. However one thing that many players fail to realize is that how you look can directly relate to how you feel, and if you’re feeling great there’s a good chance you’re scoring well on the course.

With that in mind, we’ve aimed to create products that are for the serious athlete. Instead of wearing a plain t-shirt that doesn’t make you feel your best, check out what the Tech on Tour shirt has to offer.

DUDE clothing - Unmatched Quality

Unmatched Quality

At DUDE we pride ourselves on creating garments that are exceptionally well made, ensuring that you can wear your gear for years and years on the course. The DUDE Tech on Tour shirt is no exception, as we’ve utilized a 100% polyester Coolmax fabric that’s breathable beyond imagination.

Sure, we’ve all worn these types of shirts before, and you may think that all breathable fabrics are the same. At DUDE we source the highest quality fabrics possible and the Tech on Tour shirt truly is the most comfortable and cooling shirt you’ll ever own!

As if the fabric itself wasn’t enough, the Tech on Tour shirt also includes a birds-eye mesh underarm that adds extra breathability. Imagine that you’re about to set a new personal best and you’re sweating like the devil – and then think about how much more calm and confident you’d be in this situation if you had a shirt so comfortable that you didn’t even have to think about it!

DUDE clothing - A Bold Design

A Bold Design

When you take fashion as seriously as you take your disc golf game, you probably like to make a statement with your clothing. For those with a more bold sense of style, this shirt certainly fits the bill. Although it comes in a basic black, it’s contrasted with bold orange stitching and the DUDE logo proudly displayed across the front.

We’ve shaped the body of this shirt to fit and flatter every guy out there. Instead of having a baggy fit that communicates a sloppy look, the Tech on Tour shirt uses a boomerang-shaped body gusset to slightly hug your body without being restrictive.

The final bit of interest comes in the crossover collar design because when you’re designing a shirt with this level of style, you can’t have a boring crew neck! Available in sizes small all the way up to 4XL for our big DUDEs out there, the Tech on Tour shirt will be a great addition to anyone’s disc golf wardrobe.

If you own the Tech on Tour shirt already, we’d love your feedback in the comments below! Our customers have told us that it’s hands down the most comfortable shirt to play in, whether you’re out for a casual round or are playing in a high stakes tournament. Others even love it for a casual weekend out with friends or family. What do you think.?