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Welcome back to the ultimate guide to disc golf events, our overview of the “can’t miss” tournaments taking place around the world each year! In Part 1 of our series, we explored what European disc golf has to offer, and developed a list of tournaments that you should pay attention to in the coming years.

While the sport is surely growing by leaps and bounds in Europe, we can’t ignore all of the great events happening in the United States either. Here, both professional players and casual enthusiasts have an immense number of events to choose from, so how do you narrow down which ones to focus on?

Let’s explore what’s happening in the USA:

Las Vegas Challenge

Formerly known as the Gentleman’s Club Challenge, most touring pros consider Las Vegas’ event to be the kick-off to each season. A multi-day event that spans across three different courses, the LVC has become the stage for people to show off just how much work they’ve been doing during the off-season.

Logo of Las Vegas Challenge

Source: LVCDG

Beaver State Fling

When asked about some of their favorite courses, many top disc golfers will name Milo McIver within the mix, and that’s exactly where the Beaver State Fling is held each year. Regarded as one of the most important, and beautiful, tournaments each season, competitors wind their way through forested areas and along the Clackamas River to see who can take home the win.


You won’t find a shortage of competitors at the United States Disc Golf Championships, as those who aren’t even touring will often find a way to attend this Major. Winthrop University is host to this event and only those who have qualified can compete. USDGC is often the last stop on tour for some, making it a bit of a crowned jewel of an event each year.

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Source: USDGC

The Minnesota Majestic

An event that’s often running at the same time as some of the European tournaments we discussed in Part 1, The Majestic provides an opportunity for those who are truly skilled to really set themselves above the rest. Competitors all jump at the opportunity to play at Blue Ribbon Pines, one of the most celebrated courses in the entire country.

Green Mountain Championship

Take a moment to envision what disc golf heaven looks like – for many, it’s the exact offerings found at Smugglers’ Notch in Vermont. Established in 2013, the GMC includes more than just disc golf, as it’s a true representation of friendship and fun. Consider staying at Smugglers’ Notch all week to enjoy FallFest!

Throw Down The Mountain

An event with a pretty unique history, Throw Down The Mountain actually takes place across three different weekends. The desire to compete at this Brooksville, Florida course is so strong that tournament directors have separated the event into two different B-tiers and one A-tier, allowing people to play on a course that many thought may never be opened up again after being sold in 2008.


There’s no question that there are dozens of events taking place in the United States that all deserve a spot on this list, so make sure to head over to the PDGA website and keep your eye on where your favorite players are headed this season!