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While the idea of “more is better” can pay off in certain circumstances, taking this standpoint may prove difficult when trying to fit all of your belongings into a touring vehicle. Conversely, “less is more” may not be a good rule of thumb either, as you might deprive yourself of important items you’ll need along the way.  Read our article What to Pack to Start Your Tour.

However, now that we’re into the full swing of the touring season, the decisions you made months ago when packing are ones you have to live with. Or are they? Can you ditch some of your stuff during the tour, especially as the weather starts to get warmer?

Tour life -As Warmer Weather Approaches What Can You Ditch While On Tour

A Logical Assessment

When you have a day or two of downtime between events, travel, and practice days, you may want to take a fine-toothed comb and evaluate everything you’ve packed for the 2018 tour season. Some people find they can make quick judgments and easily determine what they do or don’t need while for others, it actually requires picking up and looking at every item in your vehicle.

No matter what method you prefer, take a moment, to be honest about if this item is truly essential for the remaining months on the road. Will you really use your beanies as we approach the hottest time of year? How about the waterproof shoes you brought along?

Rather than being super attached to your stuff (after all, you’re not necessarily permanently getting rid of it) try to take a realistic approach and cut down on the items you have in tow.

Tour life -As Warmer Weather Approaches What Can You Ditch While On Tour

Where Does It Go?

Let’s say you’ve developed a pretty decent pile of items that you could reasonably live without during the rest of the tour season. What are you supposed to do with this stuff other than simply pack it back into your car where it once was?

Here’s where you get to be creative and do what works for you. If you’re planning on making a pit stop back home between events, doing this legwork ahead of time will make unloading your extra gear a breeze. However, if you’re not attached to the things you brought along, or if they are getting near the end of their lifespan, it might pay off to find them new homes.

You always have the option of donating items that you’ll no longer use, and this can be done in nearly any town you’re in while on tour. See if your friends need a “new to them” pair of shoes, pants, or even just some extra food if you bought too much.

If you’re currently in the middle of your first touring season, there’s a good chance you’re facing this situation of not knowing what to do with your things. Talk with some of the more seasoned players to see what they’ve done in the past, or simply stick it out and keep everything with you until you finally make it back home. Ultimately you’ll end up learning what served you well all tour long and what items you can leave behind come 2019.