Dude Clothing Product Buzz The Dude Gear You May not Know About

When you mention the brand DUDE, most people know us as the company that makes really awesome pants and jackets. While we’ve certainly made our mark in the disc golf clothing world when it comes to winter gear, sometimes people forget that we have other really amazing products too!

If you ask us, there are a few items that you just can’t live without – or if you do, your life may be just a little less awesome. Let’s check out the DUDE gear you may not know about and see how it can step up your disc golf game!

The Ultimate Shorts

We realize that using the word “ultimate” to describe our shorts means they have to live up to that name, and anyone who has worn them will probably agree that they are pretty great. For those days when you want to stay cool and comfortable yet still look super stylish, the Ultimate Tech Stretch Shorts will do the job.

An image of Dude Clothing Product Buzz Ultimate Shorts Front
An image of Dude Clothing Product Buzz Ultimate Shorts Front
An image of Product Buzz Ultimate Shorts

Four-way stretch fabric plus an elasticized waist gives you all the freedom of movement you need in a breathable and lightweight garment. A hidden pocket keeps your phone or keys safe, and a subtle pinstripe pattern adds to your clothing game.

Accessories Galore

One of the easiest ways to show your love for DUDE is by sporting one of our comfortable caps. Not only can you choose from classic styles that make a simple statement, but you also have the option to purchase ambassador series hats that help to support their efforts on the road. Whether you’re on the course or not, it’s always a good day to wear a cap.

Dude KJ Nybo Pro Cap
Dude Boomer Visor

Players tend to really dig our Unstinkable Socks for their long-lasting wear and the way they work so well for traveling – imagine not having to wash your socks for two whole weeks! From stickers and disc golf towels to our DUDE branded vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottles, the sky’s the limit when it comes to how you want to represent your love for our stuff.

At The Heart Of It

While we truly take pride in the products we make and sell, the spirit behind DUDE Clothing entails so much more than that. Our garments, caps, and accessories aim to offer something a little out of the ordinary, as both disc golfers and non-players both enjoy the benefits that quality items can bring.

Your DUDE gear can get you through a tough round, help you to bond with other fellow disc golfers, and even save you money with well-made items that you don’t have to replace every season. Off the course, you’re totally winning too, with pants that are dressy enough to wear to work, socks that keep your feet smelling nice for your significant other, and caps that you can wear anywhere.

Basically, it’s our goal to help you look good and play well, and we’ll help you get there in any way we can. Let us know if you have any of our caps, accessories, or if you rock the ultimate shorts on a regular basis in the comments below!