A Favourite Among The Pros – Let’s Explore Milo McIver

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Read any article or watch any video where a top touring professional is asked what their favorite courses are, and you’ll be sure to hear Milo McIver somewhere in the mix. An impressive course [...]

Understanding The Tour Mindset

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While it’s not a dream for every single disc golfer out there, most would say that going on tour is the ultimate benchmark of “making it” in the sport. Getting on tour can be [...]

Disc Golf And College – The Two Go Hand In Hand

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More often than not, we are introduced to the sport of disc golf from a friend, family member, or co-worker. Perhaps you discover the sport together with someone you know, while others venture out [...]

Disc Golf – The Sport Where Everyone Fits In

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Think back to the first sport you played during your childhood. For some of you, it may not be a distant memory, while for others it could feel like a lifetime ago. No matter [...]

The True Sacrifices Of A Touring Pro

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A life on the road where you get to see a new town each week and play disc golf on some of the more beautiful courses in the nation. If you’re lucky, you’ll even [...]

This Summer’s Hottest Item – The DUDE Pro Polo

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Polo Imagine that it’s the middle of your round and the temperatures are skyrocketing. You may not normally like to compete in such hot conditions, but it’s your favorite local tournament and there’s money [...]

Boosting A Park’s Value With Disc Golf

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The task of installing a disc golf course is a big one, and more often than not, you’ll need to get permission from city or county authorities before you can even think about laying [...]