Improve your game by taking course notes

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Few things in life are predictable, and even if you’re playing a tournament at a course that you’ve been to dozens of times, any number of things can happen to throw you off your [...]

Spending Your Holiday Season On The Disc Golf Course

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Nearly anyone who has internet access has heard of the sport of disc golf, and when it’s mentioned in a casual setting, the comparison to traditional golf almost always comes up. While it’s a [...]

Check Out DUDE’s Off-Season Exercise Guide

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For those of you who actually take some time off each year during the off-season, how do you spend it? Netflix is always a welcome option during the cold winter months, but for others, [...]

Daylight Savings Time And Disc Golf – How To Blend The Two

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For a lot of us, daylight savings time is just about the worst time of year. We’ve just gone from the luxury of being able to play a round until 9 at night in [...]

Who Are The Most Professional Players And Why?

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In any sort of organized sport, the concept of professionalism can play a big role. Disc golf players who enjoy a casual round every so often should keep in mind the basic concepts of [...]

Learning The Basics – How To Hybrid Putt

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The off-season is a great time to brush up on your putting skills, and if you weren’t very happy with your close game this past year, it may be time to think about changing [...]

2019 Is Bringing Some Changes For DUDE Ambassador KJ Nybo

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Imagine having to balance full-time work, parenting, and keeping your disc golf game sharp enough that you can travel across the world and lay down amazing performances at some of the sport’s biggest events. [...]

An Event To Remember – The Choices Flooring 2018 Australian Disc Golf Championships Presented By Nature 2 Nourish

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Disc golf may be winding down in the United States, but down under things are just getting started! This past weekend, players from Australia, New Zealand, and other parts across the globe congregated in [...]

They Made How Much? A Look At Top PDGA Earners

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So often we talk about playing disc golf for the love of the sport, but let’s face it - depending on your skill level and how often you play big events, you can also [...]

Dude Clothing Playing Cards Clubs 2 Don WilchekDon Wilchek joined the disc golf competition in the late 70’s and early 80’s. He is known for his thumber roller and became the most consistent and “winningest” player of the sport. He became a board member, co-tournament director, and course designer in the 2002 Huston PDGA Worlds. He humbly represented disc golf in a friendly, positive way and inspired new players to become avid disc golfers.

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