It’s one thing to have a love for disc golf and to play during every spare moment of the day, but it’s quite another to invest blood, sweat, tears, and a ton of money into a physical disc golf retail location. While you might have a big box sporting goods store in your area that carries a small selection of discs, a dedicated disc golf store is entirely another animal.

Since the disc golf community is like one big family, it only makes sense that you’d want to support the store that’s closest to you. How you can do that often goes beyond just buying a disc here or there, as we’re about to discover.

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The Basics

Obviously, the primary reason for visiting a brick and mortar location is to make a purchase or browse inventory. One of the hardest things to do as a disc golfer is knowing which disc mold or plastic type you’ll like, and making a purchase online often leaves you in the dark. Instead, head to your local shop to see what fits your hand and if the staff have any recommendations.

Don’t be afraid to take your friends with you either, whether they disc golf or not. The success of a small business often comes from word of mouth, so a great customer service experience will probably go a long way in your book even if you aren’t super obsessed with the sport.

Communication Is Key

One of the best ways to help support your local disc golf store is to help them help you. They can only guess which discs, bags, and apparel might be most appealing to the local community, and if there’s something you want to see don’t be afraid to tell them! Many times shops will be able to place special orders for you if you’re a regular customer.

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If you have a great idea for an event don’t hesitate to share that either. A local disc golf store is the perfect venue for clinics, meet and greets with pros who are in the area, or even a showcase of some of the newest gear that’s on the market. Excited to watch the next live stream of an NT, Major, or Pro Tour event? See if your shop will organize a watch party!

In the end, the impact you can make in your community by supporting your local disc golf shop is greater than you might realize. Sure, it might seem tempting to order the newest disc online and have it delivered straight to your door, but even if that option saves you a few bucks, is it really worth it?

The next time you pass by a disc golf shop, whether in your own town or on the road, take a moment to stop in and say hi. We can guarantee it means the world to each and every business owner to have people in support of what they’re doing for the community and the sport of disc golf as a whole.