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Running a disc golf tournament can be incredibly overwhelming or a walk in the park depending on how you look at it and the resources you have available to you. A first-time TD who is going it alone will certainly have a different experience compared to a seasoned person who has a team of friends helping out.

When it comes to volunteering in the disc golf community, there can sometimes be a lack of communication that leads to frustration for many involved. Let’s explore some of the common viewpoints that people tend to take and how you can shift your focus to achieve better results.

Waiting For A Helping Hand

You’ve all seen this happen before – someone decides to run an event and simply relies on the disc golf community to come knocking on their door. This person assumes that they will receive help without asking for it, yet ends up complaining when no one steps forward.

This situation happens far more often than the disc golf community would like to admit, and thankfully there’s an easy way to fix it. If you are running a tournament or even a work party, use your resources to put out a call for help. Post on Facebook that you’re looking for volunteers or even use good old-fashioned word of mouth to get the message across.

While it might take a few extra minutes of effort to ask for help, think of the time you’ll save when you have a host of others working alongside you to get things done.

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Waiting To Be Asked

On the flip side of the situation, some disc golfers are afraid to step up and help without being prompted. Who knows if it’s a concern that they’ll be rejected or they simply don’t want to put too many cooks in the kitchen, but it goes without saying that far too often people sit back and wait until they are called upon to volunteer.

If you get word of an event happening at your local course, why not be proactive and ask if any help is needed? Spending three hours on a Saturday to get things ready might be all that’s needed and you’ll forever be known as someone who is willing to lend a helping hand.

Do you have special skills you can add to the mix? If you’re great at organization, graphic design, or advertising, your local TD will no doubt want your help and will probably credit you with helping to run such an awesome event.

In the end, the responsibility should be equally shared between TD and local disc golf community member. Instead of each party waiting for the other to step up, try taking the extra effort to reach out to others. One of the most incredible things about disc golf is the community spirit that comes into play, one where everyone simply wants the best for the sport of disc golf.

What are some of the best ways you’ve gotten involved or asked for help with running an event? Clue us into some of your tips and tricks below for volunteering!

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