Dude Clothing Disc Golf Community Think Before you Play

The disc golf community is massive, and while most of us have a clear understanding of the level of respect and dedication it takes to help grow the sport, sadly not everyone is on the same page. Some players who might be new to the game or simply don’t know any better could end up acting in a way that detracts from the community and puts disc golf in a negative light.

Before you play a round, think about how you can become a stronger pillar in your local area by practicing some of these actions:

  • Put in the work – All too often disc golf courses are maintained by unpaid volunteers, and more often than not it’s a handful of the same people over and over again who dedicate their time and effort. If you take the time to enjoy playing at a certain course, it goes without saying that you should be willing to take some time to help maintain it as well. You don’t have to make it a full-time job, but a little effort now and again will certainly be recognized.  Read our article on Volunteering!
  • Remember your manners – This seems like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised how many instances of bad behavior are seen on the disc golf course. We’re all passionate about the game, and sometimes our competitive spirit can get the best of us. However, it’s important to remember that we are setting an example for our children, for new players, and for community members who don’t know about disc golf whatsoever. Keep it fun and keep it positive when you’re playing!
  • Communication is key – Whether you’re trying to organize an event like a work party or tournament or simply want to find out when your local bag tag league occurs, clear communication is essential. Thankfully with social media tools, it’s now easier than ever to spread the word and get the information you’re looking for, but make sure that an effort is made to not leave anyone out.
  • Be a community ambassadorVolunteering your time is one of the most rewarding ways that you can give back to the disc golf community and your own local area at large. Many disc golfers are aligned with either local or global charities and they host fundraising events to help support those efforts. Think about ways in which you can bring more awareness to the sport through clinics and outreach programs in your town.
  • Have fun – Above all else, we love disc golf because it’s fun, challenging, and such a great way to include everyone in your local community. Remember how you felt the first time you threw a disc? Try to hold on to that passion and let it spread to those around you.

When it’s all said and done, the disc golf community is only as strong as the people within it, and if we want to help grow the sport, it takes a grassroots effort to be a contributing member of our local group. What can you do to think and help before you play? Share your ideas with us below!