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Back in the day, the best way you could excel at disc golf was to go out and practice over and over again. There weren’t any YouTube instructional videos and there was no live coverage of events – you simply had to put in the time and energy.

We’ve come a long way in the sport, and not only do we have a variety of tools available to us on our computer, but there are a ton of phone apps geared toward disc golf that is starting to create a buzz in the community. What do the apps do, which are the best, and can they really help you to improve your game?

Make Scoring Simple

One of the more well-known types of disc golf apps out there are ones that help you with scoring. When it doesn’t seem hard to write a number on a piece of paper, why would these programs be beneficial? Let’s review each one to find out:

  • UDisc: This app is hands down the most popular scoring app in the United States, and offers both a free or paid version at $4.99/year depending on the features you need. Not only can you use it to keep score during a casual round, but the UDisc platform also gives you the ability to measure your throws. By adding your discs to the app, you’re able to easily evaluate which ones are going the farthest during fieldwork.
  • Disc Golf Course Review: For a one-time cost of $3.99, you get a ton of info in the palm of your hand. Not only can you score your round with this app, but you have access to the largest course directory, providing you with driving directions, hole/par info, course photos, and reviews.
  • Disc Golf 2 – PDGA: When you want to know what your round rating would be during a casual game with friends, the PDGA app is there to help. As a free download, you get access to a digital scorecard that seamlessly translates your score into a rated round. While the ratings aren’t official by any means, they can help you track improvement over time and see how you compare to others.
  • Infinite Disc Golf: Another free app to add to your arsenal, Infinite Disc Golf is steadily working their way toward a breakthrough in league play. Not only can you use their program to access a digital scorecard, view course info, and more, but there’s talk on the horizon about being able to digitally keep track of player scores during league or tournament rounds. Imagine how much time you’d save by not having to print off and hand calculate each person’s individual score!

Additions To The Tool Box

Sometimes when you’re out playing around on a new course or you’re attempting to break in a new disc or two, you wish you had a little extra info at your fingertips. These apps do just that:

  • Joe’s Universal Flight Chart: This free app takes a bit to get used to, but once you have it dialed in, it can be beneficial for everyone from a seasoned player to a complete beginner. Allowing you to search for specific molds, the chart also lets you sort discs by range, high-speed stability, low-speed stability, power requirement, and shows you what types of plastic each mold is available in. Rather than trying to memorize each manufacturer’s method of flight characteristics, Joe’s makes it easy.
  • Disc Golf GPS Course Directory: Appealing to the more tech-savvy disc golfers of the world, this app blends some basic tools with other unique elements to make it a must-have. Disc Golf GPS Course Directory is free and allows you to keep score, search for courses, and measure the distance of your throws – just like many other apps out there. What makes it different is its rangefinder feature, which helps you to stay in bounds and navigate a confusing course layout. At home and can’t stop thinking about disc golf? Play around with the feature that allows you to create your own course!
  • Weatherzone: Most of us already have and use the weather app that was preinstalled on our mobile device, but sometimes it doesn’t give you enough data. Weatherzone is a free program that provides detailed information like wind speed, live radar, humidity, and the chance of rain statistics, allowing you to arrive at the course prepared.

There are a ton of awesome apps out there that are related specifically to disc golf and others that offer priceless information that could help you to improve your game. What are some of your favorite apps to help you on the course? Let us know in the comments below.


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