//Check Out DUDE’s Off-Season Exercise Guide

Dude Clothing Tour Life Check out Dude's off-season exercise guide

For those of you who actually take some time off each year during the off-season, how do you spend it? Netflix is always a welcome option during the cold winter months, but for others, it’s the ideal time to get your body in shape for the next disc golf season. Going to the gym and doing general cardio can be great for overall health, but what can you do to elevate your game?

Dude Clothing Tour Life Check out Dude's off-season exercise guide

Here at DUDE, we’ve worked with our Community Ambassador Rick Saffeels to develop some easy exercises that focus on strengthening various parts of your body. These exercises can be done with minimal equipment and will help you to feel stronger and work to avoid injury while on the course. Let’s check them out!

  • Engaging your core – No one really likes to do sit-ups anymore, so a great alternative is to integrate planks into your workout. This helps to increase your core strength, a major part of our body that’s used when disc golfing. Rest on your forearms and make sure to keep your body in a straight position. Your goal should be to hold the plank for 30 seconds all the way up to one minute.
  • Light on your feet – When you’re trying to perfect your run-up, improving your ability to shift your weight will go a long way. Try these side to side ski motions, and as you move your body from left to right, try to stay light on your toes and bend your knees. You can also hold a disc in front of you for added stability.
  • Open it up – Our shoulders get a lot of use during a round of disc golf, so this exercise can help to stretch out sore muscles and keep you strong. Bend forward 90 degrees at your waist, and as you rotate your upper body from side to side, bring your arm up to the sky to fully open up your shoulder area. If you’re sore from a previous round this may feel uncomfortable but ultimately it will help your game in a big way.
  • Staying limber – Many disc golfers overlook the importance of stretching in general, and while this may not work toward increasing stamina or helping with your circle 2 putts, it’s critical for your body. Spend about 10 to 15 minutes stretching and working on your flexibility. Once or twice may not seem like it makes a difference, but if you spend time stretching each day over time you’ll find an ease that comes with all of the ways you twist and bend your body on the course.

That wasn’t so scary, right? Spending time a few days per week engaging in this set of exercises can bring big benefits to your disc golf game, and who knows, you may even be inspired to add another exercise routine into the mix. Many disc golfers turn to yoga, pilates, and low impact cardio to stay in shape all year long. Have you tried any of these exercises? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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