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21 July 2016


So I have been following DUDE for some time now and finely brook down and purchased a Pro-Polo during the 4th of July sale. My anticipation was palatable as I exhausted my family with my unending trips to the mailbox and relentlessly checking the tracking number in optimistic blindness that USPS was wrong and my beloved package would arrive sooner than scheduled. I was also on vacation during this time and developed an irrational fear that someone would become keen to the awesomeness that resided inside the otherwise frumpy looking package. After returning from vacation I found nothing but a drab emptiness inside my mailbox and started to fear that my inevitable rendezvous with the ultimate DUDE Disc Golf apparel was not meant to be. Then after two weeks of agony the sun broke through the clouds, birds chirped in harmony, aces were hit all across this great land and all was right with the world, for my package had arrived.

As I gathered friends and family to partake in the celebratory unveiling of majesty that lies inside this manila envelope, I hesitate, take a deep breath and carefully cut open the vessel that has protected my bounty for the last two weeks. I reach inside, my fingers make contact with the supple expertly woven 100% polyester Evol-Dry Fabric. Chills run through my body.  Someone from the crowd shouts “show us, we can’t take it anymore!” So I remove the polo and hold it high above my head like baby Simba being presented to all the creatures of his land. The gasps were so great it felt as if all the air had been sucked from the room. One person fainted, others bowed; I also had to fight back the tears of joy and wonderment.  The blinding radiance of the red and black Pro Polo brought a Zen-like calm to the crowd and an overwhelming need to hit the course.

The days tick on from that great unveiling, but the excitement continues. The fabrics breath-ability allows a gentle breeze to penetrate and cool the skin. The flexibility of the Polo provides my torso and shoulders the unrestricted movement necessary to launch a disc down the fairway or stretch around obstacles. My anticipation was not unfounded. This is not just another Polo it is a Disc Golf Polo.

Thanks for a great product.

Curtis Miller


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