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We live in a pretty amazing time right now, where social media allows us to share ideas, look for places to stay, and promote our events no matter where in the nation we live. A simple search on your browser for disc golf will result in a massive amount of information, and perhaps the videos we find online can be the most beneficial.

If you’re a new player you’ve no doubt spent some time trying to find the pros explain various elements of the game. Even more, seasoned players can benefit from brushing up on their technique, as everyone can always work toward improving upon their skill set.

Today we’re going to take a look at some of the best backhand lessons on YouTube. Some of these names won’t surprise you – but what might come as a shock is how vastly different people’s form can look while still achieving success.

For reference, check out Will Schusterick, Ricky Wysocki, and Eric Oakley explain the finer points of their form. Let’s break down the essential pieces:

  • Reach back: All three of the above players emphasize their reach back during their instructional videos. In order to maximize distance and power, it’s crucial that you reach your throwing arm straight back instead of keeping it somewhat curved. This requires rotating your upper body so that it faces away from your target, even if only momentarily.
  • Pull through: There are several elements of a backhand drive that contribute to excellent form, and one of them is the pull through. Newer players have a tendency to curve their throwing arm as they move from front to back, but the challenge lies in a flat and straight pull through. This ensures you release your disc on the line you’re looking to achieve.
  • Follow through: To throw your disc straight and far, a complete follow through is essential. In the three videos referenced above, all of the players make sure to bring their throwing arm through the complete motion of the throw and often end up almost pointing behind their bodies after releasing the disc.

Another important element of your follow through is avoiding injury, specifically in your elbow. If you cut you are follow-through short, it can put undue stress on this joint and could lead to pain down the line. Taking care of your body through the proper form is a concept that many new players don’t think about until it’s too late.

If you take some time to peruse other backhand videos on YouTube, you’ll find a consistent theme – while the basics of the mechanics stay the same, everyone will put their own spin on things depending on their body. There isn’t really a wrong way to play disc golf, but there are ways that can help you to be more successful and keep your body healthy.

Who are some of your favorite players to watch on YouTube? How did watching instructional videos help to shape your game when you first started playing disc golf? Share your resources with us in the comments below.

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