True Commitment On And Off The Course – Dustin Keegan’s Disc Golf Perspective

We all know that professional disc golfers grind on and off the course, but sometimes the work they do just stands out head and shoulders above the crowd. One player that truly exemplifies this is Innova’s, Dustin Keegan. His passion for the game extends through his every action both on and offseason. We caught up with him to talk about Dude and what’s in store for him in 2017.

What Makes Him Tick

When you watch him on the course, it seems like Dustin was born to play disc golf. His background in energy management allowed him to be outside as much as possible, and when disc golf came along, it was a true match made in heaven! Aside from competing across the United States and maintaining a rigorous tour schedule, Dustin finds time to focus on giving back.

His offseason includes running two different putting leagues at local breweries, helping his local club to expand courses in his area, as well as working at schools teaching disc golf to kids of all ages. Dustin’s advice for players who don’t have much time seems to be the motto he also lives by: “Remember to always give back in any way possible. There is a lot more to disc golf than just playing the game.

Although touring takes a toll on Keegan mentally and physically, he finds time to appreciate the beauty of each new place he visits. Taking little detours off the main highways has given him the chance to see amazing parts of the country. He places a high value on his health and stresses that it’s crucial to eat well in order to perform your best. “Don’t eat fried food!” says Dustin.

Where Dude Comes Into Play

Dustin’s professionalism is a perfect match with Dude since he views being an Ambassador as someone who represents class and style in an effort to help grow the sport. Wanting to perform to his highest potential, Dustin appreciates that “Dude clothing is made for disc golfers BY disc golfers.” Allowing for movement in all directions, wearing Dude means you’re wearing lightweight, breathable, and high-quality gear.

For 2017, Keegan would love to see Dude become a household name. His hope is to see more garments offered for off the course events, like meetings or even dinner out. “We have built a special team of very talented players and as the sport of disc golf continues to grow, I want Dude to be at the forefront of what growth and professionalism mean,” he says.

Keeping The Momentum

2016 was a great year for Dustin, bringing him his first lead card placement at a National Tour event, as well as having the opportunity to work with the Disc Golf Pro Tour and drive their RV and trailer. Not only did he cash at every single event he played, but he also saw some of his best finishes at a handful of events.

Like many other players, Dustin is really looking forward to the 2017 Green Mountain Championships. Not only is the scenery beautiful in that part of the country, Dustin adds that “Smugglers Notch Resort is one of my favorite venues I ever have seen for disc golf.” Along with the rest of his tour line up, he’s excited for what this year will bring.

The next time you see Dustin at a tournament, be sure to give him thanks for all that he does for the sport of disc golf. Dude is proud to have him representing our brand in such a polished and professional way.