Dude Clothing HOW TO DISC GOLF What to bring in your bag for winter rounds

Disc golfers can never be too prepared, as the weather might change during a round as quickly as our luck sometimes can. During the tail end of winter, you may head out on what seems like a sunny spring day but find that you’re in deep trouble mid-round. With this essential guide describing what to bring in your bag for winter rounds, you’ll be sure to never again get caught in the cold.

Do You Need A Bigger Bag?

Some of us already pack our bags to the brim with plenty of snacks and backup discs, but during winter rounds you’ll need to make some room for extra items just in case. A good rule of thumb might be to include at least two or three more towels than you usually pack. Imagine getting caught in a cold downpour and needing dry plastic!

Layers of clothing can always work to your advantage as well, so fit some extra socks or gloves in your bag in case the wind starts to pick up and make you chilly. If you can make it happen, a sweatshirt or even another jacket kept on your person could pay off handsomely. Even if you’re not cold, someone else in your group might be, and you could make a friend for life with that extra coat!

Items For The Car

Obviously, you have a ton of real estate to work within your car compared to your bag, so load up on extras for winter time. While you may be wearing your waterproof shoes already, bringing an extra pair (if you have them) could serve you well during multiple round adventures. Sometimes the conditions can get so cold or wet that rain boots or other outdoor shoes are a better choice

Not only do you have to think about staying warm during your round, but how you manage yourself after you’re done playing is equally as important. Whether you just finished up a casual 18 holes with friends or you’re on a lunch break during your area’s biggest A-tier, you’ll want to be warm and dry. Extra socks, pants, a shirt, and even undergarments might all serve you well. Many players absolutely rely on this clothing change during an event as it helps keep them sharp and focused during two-round days of competition.

Without seeming like someone who practically lives out of their car, it might be a smart idea to put together a winter toolbox of sorts. Include gloves of varying thicknesses, different types of hats, jackets, and shoes, and even extra absorbent towels that you know can stand up to winter weather.

When the success of your game often relates directly to how warm and dry you are, you almost can’t be too prepared. We’d love to know what essentials you keep in your bag or car during winter rounds. Is there one product in particular that has saved the day on more than one occasion? Let us know in the comments below!