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DUDE Clothing - Wrapping Up Your Loose Ends Before You Tour

You have your bags packed and your car is stuffed to the brim with gear. The first stop on tour is only one day away and you have everything calculated down to the time you’ll arrive and where you’ll be staying. As you hit the road and log the first hundred miles of the 2018 tour, you are struck with panic.

Who is going to feed my cat? You can’t believe you forgot about Fluffy, but in the midst of all of your planning, somehow she got overlooked. In an effort to avoid forgetting even the smallest detail, here’s how you can effectively wrap up loose ends before going on tour.

Think About Your Day

So many of the things we do like feeding the cat or checking the mail don’t even cross our minds because they are so ingrained in our daily routine. As hard as it might be, try looking at your life from an outsider’s perspective. While it sounds crazy, you may even want to narrate your own day so you don’t forget anything!

With this viewpoint, you’ll become aware of all of the things you do that will need attention while you’re gone. Aside from the cat or the mail, perhaps you water your plants every other day or you open the windows regularly so your house doesn’t get stuffy. Whatever it might be, these things can’t be ignored while you’re on tour.

DUDE Clothing - Car Trouble

On The Road

Things can pop up on tour as well, and one of the more expensive and frustrating situations involves car trouble. As a loose end to wrap up before you leave, take your vehicle to get a full inspection and make sure everything is in working order. Should you have an issue on the road, make sure you have a plan and know who to call.

No matter how much planning and preparation goes into your tour schedule, you might inevitably forget to pack your favorite collared shirt or realize you didn’t bring enough towels in your bag. Creating a checklist of every single item you can possibly imagine needing, and then using it while you pack your car, is a simple and indispensable tool.

Look ahead on your tour schedule to find appropriate places to stop should you get fatigued while driving, bring an extra phone charger, and make sure you have food and water in your car just in case the worst happens. You can never be too prepared when traveling across the nation!

DUDE clothing - Keep Calm and Make a Plan

Make Your Own Plan

Everyone will have different needs when it comes to wrapping things up at home and the essential items that make their tour a success while on the road. The ultimate goal is simply to become as organized as possible to ensure you don’t wake up in a cold sweat at 2 in the morning when you’ve forgotten something.

What lessons have you learned when it comes to wrapping up loose ends? Did you come home from tour to find leftovers in the fridge that you forgot to throw away, or perhaps something a bit more comical? Let us know in the comments below!

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