Dude Clothing Benefits of the Game Disc Golf benefits the mind and body

We all fall in love with the sport of disc golf for different reasons. Maybe it scratches our competitive itch, or it was the way you met your best friend, or even where you proposed to your now wife! The memories we make on the course are often some of the best things about the game we play.

Yet there’s a practical side to disc golf as well, one that benefits both our minds and bodies. While it may seem obvious to some, let’s dig a little deeper into how the sport can cultivate these aspects of our lives.

It Does A Body Good

Even if you’re the newest disc golfer around and you end up walking the course after playing only a few holes, it certainly beats sitting on the couch and eating a bag of chips! Although it may not seem like it from an outside perspective, playing a round of disc golf is a great way to get your body moving.

Not only can it be great from a general cardiovascular standpoint, but the fact that it’s suited for all ages and athletic abilities is really what seals the deal for most. You can head out to the local course with your small children, your grandparents, or even friends who might be recovering from a sports injury. As long as you take it slow and easy, you can enjoy the sport with pretty much anyone. No talent or athletic background is required – just a desire to have fun!

Let’s Think About It

You might hear people say that disc golf is a mental game as much as it is a physical one, and that’s because a good course will be like a puzzle that needs solving. Stepping up to the tee and figuring out which disc to throw and in which way gets your brain thinking in a completely different way than it does at your office job.

There’s also something amazing that happens in the brain when we’re outside getting our exercise. From a biological standpoint it can be a big help in relieving symptoms of depression or anxiety, but it also just makes you feel proud of yourself for going out and doing something fun!

Disc golf is often synonymous with community, and if you’re connected with some local players, your mind is yet again offered another benefit from the game. The social interaction that you get when playing around with friends, or even the competitive nature that comes up during a tournament, can help to make you feel like you’re truly connected with those around you. For a lot of casual players, the camaraderie they experience often outweighs many other perks.

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Have you utilized disc golf to create a major mind or body benefit? If you’ve lost a ton of weight from walking the course, made a new best friend, or simply became a happier person all because of disc golf, let us know in the comments below! Every benefit of the game is worth celebrating, no matter who you are or how often you play.